Paris Seminar in Yemen Highlights Issues

November 30, 2018

Yemen has been experiencing a civil war for a number of years now. The Houthi rebels are trying to spread their perverted message of extremism and terror by fighting against Yemeni forces led by the legitimate and globally-recognized government of the nation.

A seminar is going to be held recently in Paris in which the plight of the people of Yemen will be highlighted. During the seminar, a number of key issues will be discussed among a number of internationally esteemed personalities with the aim of developing viable solutions. There will be two major themes of discussion at this forum. The forum will be organized by Paris Forum for Peace and Development.

The first of those two themes is that of human rights.

The United Nations Security Council has had adopted a number of vital resolutions pertaining to Yemen. Unfortunately, those resolutions are now being contradicted with the latest reports coming in about Yemen. It is vital to note that these reports have been published by the United Nations. According to those reports, the human rights situation in Yemen is extremely bad under the Houthis.

In fact, the Houthis have committed innumerable human rights violations. They are known to torture their prisoners and execute innocents. One of the worst of their violations is that of using children as their soldiers. At the same time, this terror group makes use of human shields. Such violations need to be stopped.

Secondly, it has become imperative for humanitarian relief work in Yemen to increase. Due to the Houthi occupation, many people in Yemen have been suffering from lack of access to basic necessities including food and medicine. Emirates Red Crescent, the humanitarian arm of the United Arab Emirates, has been working hard to help along with aid programs and donations from other nations. However, more help will greatly help.