Pope States That He Is Following the Yemen Crisis with Great Anxiety

February 4, 2019

Pope Francis before leaving for the UAE on Sunday (3rd February) stated that his is closely following the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen with great concern. He urged all sides to honor and tribute international agreements and fortify that the food meant for the starving and suffering Yemenis reach out to them properly.

While addressing tens of thousands of people in St Peter’s Square, as a part of his Sunday address, he stated that the Yemeni population is extremely tired because of the long conflict and many children are starving as they are not getting access to food. He added that the cries of the children and their parents are reaching God. Hence, he stated that he would like to pray and urge to all sides who are a part of the war and also to the international community to immediately demand respect for the accord that have been reached, and certify that the food distribution and work for the people takes place.

There are many children who are hungry and thirsty. He wants them to be helped.

Pope Francis even stated that the UAE has played a crucial role in the Saudi-led military coalition fighting a nearly four-year old war against the Iran-affiliated Houthi rebels in Yemen which has forced the poorest nation on the peninsula to the verge of famine.

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