Stockholm Accord between the Yemeni Factions Is Being Breached, Says Prince Khalid

January 25, 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid bin Salman, mentioned that the Stockholm Agreement that was reached between the Yemeni parties is being breached by the Houthi militia on a repeated basis.

Late Wednesday evening, in a series of tweets, he stated that the international community should take mandatory steps in order to confirm the total implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

In his tweet, Prince Khalid stated that the accord is a crucial step for maintaining sustainable peace and provides hope to millions of Yemenis. He even stated that the Coalition headed by Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government are devoted to enforce the agreement.

Prince Khalid stated that in order to make the agreement functioning, both sides need to work together. Till date, the Iran-backed Houthi militia appears decisive to hold to the suffering of the Yemeni people.

According to Prince Khalid not only did the Houthi rebels refused to carry out the Stockholm agreement, which they endorsed also. Moreover, they also went further that and carried on their armed attack, which includes drone attacks, the shelling of residential neighborhoods, and initiating a ballistic missile towards Saudi Arabia.

In a series of tweets, Prince Khalid even stated that the Iran supported militia exhibited its disrespect for peace by trying to target a UN convoy. It reminds one fact that the lawless militia that does not care about peace or the fate of millions of Yemenis.

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