The UAE Media Reports Limitless Houthi Crimes Against Civilians in Yemen

February 1, 2019

The UAE media has condemned the attack carried out by the Houthis at a busy public place in Mocha. The poltroons of this ill-hearted terrorist group executed the attack on Monday which killed 6 innocent civilians. Amongst the casualties, one was the cameraman of Abu Dhabi TV named Ziad Al Sharaabi.

Many were severely injured including Faisal Al Dhahbani, reporter of Abu Dhabi TV. The UAE Journalists Association has strongly criticized this deplorable act of the coward militants. Mohammad Al Hammadi, the chairperson of this organization visited the international media organizations to expose the shameful crimes of the Houthis.

He has mentioned that the group has been constantly targeting the journalists in Yemen contradicting the international laws which strongly criminalize such attempts. He has requested the various associations of journalists to scrutinize into this matter.

It’s now high time to stop the attackers from executing the innocent civilians. Moreover, the journalists must get special protection as they are also killed ruthlessly while being on duty. The worst thing is that the Iranian-backed Houthis have earlier also committed the same crime several times. It will be of utmost shame and disgrace if the world community remain silent.

It is quite evident now that the Al Houthis have utilized the peace negotiation as a tactic instead of any reliance. Their repeated violations of the ceasefire prove the same. They have signed a deal last year in Sweden as a part of the peace negotiation. However, over the past few weeks there was no sign of change when it came to ceasefire. The group of extremists, thus, once again revealed their disrespect for international conventions.

Apart from mass killing, the Houthis have also shelled at the storage depots to loot the humanitarian aid for the distressed Yemenis. According to the report, they are also carrying activities like planting explosive devices, mortar shells etc. nearby the anti-criminal campaigns to kill the media personnel who are in a mission to expose them. Thus, the million dollar question is still on the paper stating how long this heinous crime will go on.

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