United Nations: Half of the Yemen Population Could Soon be on the Verge of Famine

October 24, 2018

The aid chief of United Nation have sounded the alarm at Security Council that about half of the population of war-torn Yemen that is around 14 million people might soon be on the verge of famine and completely rely on the humanitarian help for survival.

Mark Lowcock, the aid chief of U.N. said that there is a now a clear danger of imminent and large scale famine which can engulf Yemen. According to him, this is much bigger than what any professional have experienced during their working lives. He described what is being faced in Yemen as something shocking with only two famines have been declared in the world in the last 20 years. One is Somalia in the year 2011 and another in South Sudan last year.

A proxy war is actually playing out in Yemen in between Saudi Arabia and Iran. A Suadi-led military coalition is known to have intervened in Yemen in the year 2015 as it backs the government forces which fight the Houthi group that is Iran-allied.  Iran has refused to supply weapons to Houthis.

Lowcock states that UN is currently coordinating with the delivery of the aid to about 8 million people in Yemen and this humanitarian crisis depend on the economic crisis and have continued fighting around the primary Hodeidah port of the country. Yemen is known to import about 90% of its food.

He also appealed to the humanitarian ceasefire, protection of the supply food, and also the important goods across the country. A faster and larger injection of foreign exchange into the economy through increased humanitarian support and funding, central bank, and for warring parties in divulge in peace talks.  Beyond the sheer numbers, millions of people are depending on emergency food help for several years and the help that they receive just to survive and not to thrive.