Yemen Officials Says that Coalition is Set for a Fresh Assault on Key Port

October 25, 2018

Yemeni officials have said that Saudi-led coalition have sent reinforcement to the west coast of Yemen ahead of the fresh assault on Hodeida, the rebel-held port city. The city is considered to be a lifeline for the internationals aid deliveries and also the battle to wrest it from militias like the rest of the war of Yemen fallen into the stalemate.

The officials states that the reinforcement which have arrived on Wednesday in the tanks along with the armored vehicles that are provided by UAE, the primary member of coalition which has been battling the Iran-backed Al Houthi militia in the year 2015. The medical official have said that in the last 48 hours, about 65 combatants was killed and many wounded in the fight for Hodeida and also other parts of this country.

In the meantime, many Yemeni state employees in the areas ruled by the government faces the prospect of being replaced by the Iran-aligned loyalist Al Houthi militants as a part of the campaign for radicalizing the country, as warned by the senior Yemeni official.  Mummar Al Eryani, the Information Minister have added that as a part of the efforts to Yemen’s Al Houthize, the rebels are seen to be compiling lists of the state employees who are living in the areas that are under the authorities of the government ahead of sacking them for absenteeism.

Al Houthis have thrown Yemen into a destructive was as they deposed the internationally recognized government and have seized the part of the country which includes Sana’a, the capital.  These sacking decisions are going to target several employees for replacing them with the elements of the Houthi militias as said by Al Eryani. He is known to have accused the rebels of plundering the salaries of the civil servants for over three years and eliminating the opponents inside the state administration department of the country.