Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs Says that Hodeidah Peace is Running Out of Time

October 1, 2018

Houthi rebels of Yemen are stalling the negotiations of UN peace in the bid to entrench themselves in Hodeidah and also extend the coalition into the urban warfare in the biggest port city of Yemen as accounted by the Foreign Minister of the Country.

Minster Khaled Al Yemanny has stated that Houthis are securing time through the process of UN Negotiation that is taking place during the one month long ceasefire of Hodeidah for deploying more fighters in the areas that are densely populated. However, the Yemeni government officials have warned if the rebels do not withdraw from the town completely, they are going to be buried in Hodeidah.

He has also said that Houthis had been attempting to readjust the terms which had been delivered by the UN envoy to the Yemen Martin Griffiths to state that they are willing on withdrawing from the port but not from the city. If they are going to withdraw from the seaport, it will just be meaningless. It is going to be within 1km of the seaport and it can be the point that can disrupt all efforts.  Thus, Minister said, full withdrawal from Hodeidah is important for the successful outcome of the efforts.

The internationally supported pro-Yemeni government forces has launched an offensive for recapturing the Red Sea port in the month of June but have paused the offensive almost after 17 days for allowing a mediated settlement.  In Abu Dhabi, the minister in a three-day trop meeting with the senior Emirati officials have said that they support the diplomatic process but urges the UN to get to know the Houthi negotiating procedure.

He has said that it is working to buy time and not peace. According to him, diplomatic efforts aren’t open ended. There has to be a moment where they say enough while they go for the other options. A failure diplomatic means is going to lead to necessary military solution.