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Welcome to Yemen Watch, the largest news website for breaking news from Yemen.  Yemen Watch provides thousands of news  covering every corner of the country and many of subjects. Follow us for daily updates…

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Yemen's Stories

Currently in the grips of a terrible war, Yemen has given rise to a number of horrific stories.

Tens of thousands are dead and thousands more are suffering. Many more have left their

ancestral homes in search of peace. The complexity of the war only makes it harder to help those people.

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Fact and Figures

About Yemen:

Area: 527,968 sq km

Population: 28,036,829 (July 2017 est.)

Median age: 19.5 years

Capital: Sanaa

Ethnic groups: Predominantly Arab, also Afro-Arab, South Asian and European

Religions: Muslim (99.1%) and small numbers of Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Baha’i

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Fact &Figures