The endless houthis violations show in Hodeidah

Not a day goes by without the Huthi militias in Yemen committing, a humanitarian disaster against the Yemeni people, continuing to violate the cease-fire in Hodeidah province. Ever since they tried to take full control of Yemen, the Houthis have committed the most horrible human crimes against the people.
In the beginning, the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen launched a project to distribute 40 water tankers to seven governorates: Aden, Taiz, Dali, Lahj, Shabwa, Hadramout, and Abyan. The inauguration ceremony was held in Aden Free Zone, Yemeni Minister of Electricity and Energy Mohammad al-Anani, Governor of Aden Ahmed Salimin, Governor of Abyan Abu Bakr bin Hussein, Governor of Lahj Ahmad Turki and
Governor of Dhala Fadl al-Ja’ di.
The Deputy Prime Minister in the Yemeni government Salem Al-Khanbashi thanked the government and the people of the Kingdom for their noble positions towards the Yemeni people, stressing that this support will be a
a milestone in the bilateral relations between the leadership of the two brotherly countries, the representative of the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen, Salman Al-Hazimi said: “The program operates under the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy
Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman to study and implement all the needs of the Yemeni people in the sector, Development and Reconstruction in the Republic of Yemen “.
The activities of the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen include the provision of water tanks according to the needs of the residents, that will be distributed to a number of directorates in the seven
governorates, the Mukhabah and Taiba districts in Taiz governorate, the
Ataq Directorate in Shabwa governorate, The Directorate of Jaar Zangbor in Abyan Governorate, and the Directorate of Tura Al Baha and Hutah in Lahj Governorate. The program has supported the water sector in Yemen through
several projects through the supply of water tanks.
In addition to the construction of water tanker lines in Al- Gheida city, the development of the city’s water distribution network, the construction of a solar water desalination plant on Al Fasht Island in Hajjah Governorate and the supply of water tanks in the governorate.
The Houthi militias bombed the “May 22 Hospital” in Hodeidah, and one person was killed and four others were wounded in the artillery shelling of the Houthi militia loyal to Iran on the mosque “Huda” in the densely populated
“district” south of the city of Hodeidah, according to local sources the militia bombed artillery, the hospital, causing a huge fire.
On the other hand, the Arab coalition forces support the legitimacy in Yemen to drop a march aircraft belonging to the Houthi militia of Iran, according to the official spokesman of the coalition Turki al – Maliki in a press the statement, that the coalition air forces intercept and drop aircraft in the Yemeni airspace after being launched by the Houthi terrorist organization from the north of Sana’a towards Saudi Arabia, stressing also that these attacks did not achieve any of its objectives and it was destroyed, and we affirm the continued implementation of deterrent measures against these terrorist militias In accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.
On the other hand, the representative of Germany to the UN Security Council, Christophe Heusgen, expressed his country’s concern about the transfer of technology by Iran to the Houthis in Yemen, after the attacks on the Saudi
airport Abha, during a meeting of the Security Council, to discuss the nuclear agreement “We express our concern about Iran’s transfer of aircraft technology to the Huthis in Yemen, and that Iran’s transfer of missiles to the Huthis in Yemen violates Security Council resolutions.

The UAE has launched a massive relief campaign to support the people of the provinces of Taiz and Hodeidah, fleeing from the Houthi terrorist militia of Iran to the Khanfar district of Yemen’s Abyan province. The campaign, which lasts for more than a month and targets 23,000 fleeing families, it is part of the relief program of UAE in the liberated governorates, includes the conduct of

convoys of food and shelter assistance through the voluntary teams of the UAE Red Crescent Authority.

Houthi kidnaps four children and sends them to fight

Yemeni sources confirmed, the continuation of the militias Houthis in their campaigns to recruit and abduct children without the knowledge of their families, and send them to the fronts to fight.
The sources revealed the abduction of the Houthis, recently of four children from Haret al-Faqih, in the province of Amran in northern Yemen, and take them to the fighting fronts without the knowledge of their families.
The children were Bashar Hafiz Mansour Ja’il. The Houthi-backed by Iran militias has repeatedly violated children’s rights by kidnapping them for forced recruitment and putting them on the front lines.
The Yemeni Ministry of Education condemned earlier the continuation of Houthi militias in the recruitment children in all the provinces under their control and called on the international community and organizations working
on human rights and the protection of children to condemn these violations and pressure on the militias to stop the process of recruitment of children and Combat operations and to hold militias responsible for what children are exposed to on the battlefield.

UAE Relief Aid for Yemeni People

The UAE has provided a new aid campaign for the Yemeni people, including the departure of 24 Yemeni wounded Aden to India for treatment at the expense of the state. A large campaign was launched to help the people of Taiz and, Al Hodeidah fleeing from Al Houthi militia to Abyan governorate.
Twenty-four wounded Yemenis were sent to India for treatment at the expense of the United Arab Emirates, as part of the continuous support provided by the UAE to their brothers in Yemen to ease their suffering and to stand by them in the difficult circumstances of the war and the
violations committed against them by Iran and the Houthis.
Mohammed Al Shehhi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent Society in Aden, who was with the voluntary team of the body in the farewell of the injured, confirmed that the leadership pays particular attention to the injured
Yemenis. Wishing them and all the wounded speedy recovery and safe return to their families.
For their part, the wounded and injured Yemenis expressed their thanks and happiness at the humanitarian stand of the UAE, stressing that they always care about Yemenis in various fields. In line with the directives of His Highness
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces
Since the Huthi militias launched the war on Yemen in 2015, thousands of wounded have been treated in hospitals in the UAE, Egypt, Sudan, India and Jordan.
Relief campaign In the context, the UAE launched a large relief campaign to
support the people of the provinces of Taiz and Hodeidah fleeing from the militia of the Houthi terrorist organization of Iran to the Directorate of Khanfar in Yemen’s Abyan province.
The campaign lasts more than a month and targets 23,000

fleeing families from the terrorist militia, it is part of the relief and the humanitarian program being provided by the UAE in the liberated governorates, where food and shelter convoys are run through the voluntary teams of the UAE Red Crescent.
The beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation
to the leadership and people of the UAE for this great assistance and humanitarian gesture which will contribute to alleviating the suffering of many families amid these difficult living conditions.

The UAE Red Crescent provides Yemenis hospitals with medicines and medical supplies

medicine supplies
The UAE Red Crescent Society has provided a number of hospitals in the governorates that are liberated from the Houthis militias and terrorists, with medicines and medical supplies for treating the wounded Yemenis.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, Adnan Mohammed Al Shehhi handed over medicine and medical supplies to a number of health officials in many liberated governorates.
This comes as part of the continuous support and response campaign of the UAE to the Yemenis people on various fronts and to help hospitals to improve the provision of medical services and health care to meet the needs of the
wounded and sick Yemenis people.

With UAE support “Al-Muzaffar” hospital is restored and reopened

Red crescent
Al-Muzaffar Hospital was inaugurated in the Yemeni city of Taiz after rehabilitation and restoration of all its sections and wings, repairing its electricity network and providing generators and energy systems all done by the UAE.
Dr. Elan Abdelhak confirmed that the rehabilitation and repairs carried out in all parts of the hospital were supported by the UAE and expressed gratitude to the UAE for its continuous help aid and support for the Yemeni people.
Engineer Rashad al-Akhali, the undersecretary of the governorate expressed his sincere thanks for the rapid intervention by the UAE and the restoration of the hospital, which serves many of the sons of Taiz.
Eng. Muhayeb al-Hakimi, Technical Affairs Officer in Taiz, praised the UAE’s great efforts in repairing and restoring the hospital.
Al-Hakimi expressed the gratitude of the local authority represented by Nabil Shamsan, Governor of Taiz, for the humanitarian actions brings back the city to life.
Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Samai, Director of the Health Bureau in Taiz, said that as usual UAE was the first to respond to calls from the people of the Old City in order to rehabilitate Al- Muzaffar Hospital.
The rehabilitation of the hospital was the second initiative by the UAE Red Crescent in less than a year. At the end of last year, Al-Muzaffar Hospital was equipped with quantifier equipment, that made the hospital operative again, for operations, orthopedics, general surgery, and intensive care, all these departments were out of service for years.

Yemeni forces repel Al Houthi attacks in Hodeida

yemeni force

Yemeni government forces needed repulsed fierce attacks by Iran-allied Al Houthi militants that had targeted residential areas inside the coastal city of Hodeidah and also outskirts, military forces stated on Thursday.


Al Houthis needed to shell the district of July 7, regarding four kilometres from the Hodeidah port, along with the city’s southern suburbs, they added.


The government troops needed also inflicted heavy casualties on the extremists.


The attacks violated a UN-brokered peace ceasefire deal attained in Sweden six months ago.


In December, the Yemeni government and also Al Houthis reached a contract after UN-sponsored indirect talks near Stockholm, offering for a truce and also withdrawals from Hodeida. Once, the deal was hailed since a breakthrough to conclude the fighting in the impoverished country. However, the conform has since slowed down over Al Houthis’ procrastination.


“Al Houthi militia failed in their episodes on the positions of the army and also joint troops. So, they considered target citizens with a mortar and also artillery in the liberated areas,” Walid Al Qadeemi, a senior-citizen official in Hodeidah, stated, based on pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat.


The attacks come amid a fresh try by UN peace envoy Martin Griffiths to revitalize Yemen’s peace process.

Saudi Arabia Supplies 40 Water Tankers to Seven Yemeni Governorates

water tanker

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen ( SDRPY ) delivered 40 water tankers to the port city of Aden, Yemen for distribution to seven governorates: Aden, Taiz, Dali, Lahj, Shabwah, Hadramout, and Abyan.


The 5, 000-liter Mitsubishi tanker-trucks are going to alleviate current shortages of clean drinking water in several districts and enhance the benefits of tankers previously delivered to other governorates.


Water tanks offered by SDRPY is going to be distributed to several directorates in the seven governorates, such as Mukha, Turba, Ataq, Shabwah, Seiyun, Mukallah, Jaar Zanjabour, Toor Al Baha and also Al Houthi.


The ceremony in the Aden Free Zone was attended by Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Salem Al Khanbashi, Yemeni Minister of Electricity and also Energy Eng. Mohammad Al Anani, Governor of Aden Ahmed Salimin, Governor of Abyan Abu Bakr bin Hussein and Governor of Lahj Brigadier General Ahmad Al Turki Fadl al-Jaadi.


Dr. Al Khanbashi thanked the government along with the people of the Kingdom for assisting the Yemeni people, “this support will be a milestone in the bilateral relations between the two countries’ leadership .”


SDRPY representative, Eng. Salman Al-Hazimi, stated on behalf of a program supervisor, Ambassador Mohammed bin Saeed Al Jaber, “The program works to study and implement all the needs of the brotherly Yemeni people, in the water sector and also all service sectors, for development and reconstruction throughout the Republic of Yemen .”


He added that the delivery of 40 water tankers today is a continuation of developmental and infrastructure projects previously launched in all governorates across a number of sectors. Coordination continues with the legitimate government and local authorities to benefit the Yemeni people, offering employment opportunities while improving services and living conditions.


SDRPY is also supporting Yemen’s water sector by drilling wells and supplying water tanks in the governorates of Marib, Al Mahra, Socotra and Hajjah, establishing water carrier lines and developing distribution networks in the city of Al Ghaydah and building a purification station on the island of Al Fasht.


The water tanker delivery closely follows an SDRPY operation to alleviate the effects of water damage caused by torrential rains and flooding in Aden province. In a joint mission with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief), SDRPY engineers and workers withdrew water from streets and residential areas in and around Aden using SDRPY water tanker-trucks. The mission also provided foodstuffs, medicines and housing materials, reopened roads, restored electrical systems, sprayed pesticide in coordination with the Yemeni Health Ministry and supplied vital equipment to address adverse sanitation and hygiene conditions.

Saudi-Led Coalition Air Forces intercept, down Houthi-launched drone

air force

The spokesperson for the coalition forces , “Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen ,” Colonel Turki al-Maliki declared that , at 10 :20 pm today , the Coalition Air Forces was able to intercept and downed a drone in Yemeni airspace after it had been launched by the Houthi terrorist militia from the north of Sana’a in the direction of the Kingdom.

Colonel al-Maliki was quoted by Saudi Press Agency, SPA, as stating that the Houthi terrorist criminal tool goes on to launch drones to perform hostile and terrorist works by focusing on civilians and also civilian installations which none of their targets have been achieved. 


“They are actually destroyed and shot down. We confirm the continued execution of deterrent measures against these terrorist militias and the neutralization of Houthi features with all rigor and in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules,” he stated.

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid deliver 3,000 tons of dates to Yemen

UN Lauds Saudi Aid Center’s Humanitarian Role in Yemen

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center ( KSRelief ) has authorized an agreement to distribute 3, 000 tons of dates in Yemen this year.


The SR47 million project that should benefit 2 .25 million the people of the war-torn country, belongs to the Kingdom’s long-running efforts to relieve the struggling of Yemenis influenced by the humanitarian crisis caused by Iran-backed Houthi militia.


The latest program will target a few of the poorest families in the provinces of Abyan, Al-Bayda, Daleh, Hodeidah, Al-Jawf, Amran, Marib, Sanaa, Shabwa and Taiz.



The Kingdom’s foreign aid efforts have been increasing until they strike a record within the last few years, with the volume of Saudi aid, provided impartially to 81 countries, exceeding $86 billion between 1996 and 2018.



King Salman granted his directives on May 13, 2015, to establish the KSRelief to provide various humanitarian and relief programs. Since its inception, KSRelief possesses implemented 1 ,011 projects in 44 countries worth $3,439 ,139 ,000, with 225 projects worth $389 ,682 ,000 focusing on women and 234 projects worth $529 ,463 ,000 focusing on children.

UAE initiated massive aid campaign in Yemen

massive aid

UAE has initiated a massive relief campaign to support the people of Taiz and also Hodeidah governorates, who were replaced by the terrorist Iranian-backed Al Houthi militia, to the Khanfar district of Abyan governorate in Yemen.

The campaign, that is continuing for longer than a month and targets 23, 000 replaced families, is part of the comfort and humanitarian programme provided by the UAE in the liberated governorates, which operates food and shelter convoys through the voluntary teams of the UAE Red Crescent.

The beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation to the authority and people of the UAE for this great assistance and also a humanitarian gesture which will lead to alleviating the suffering of many families among their current difficult living conditions.

The comfort campaign is also an extension of the humanitarian work offered by the UAE to Yemen, to be able to deliver aid and meet their needs, such as the gathering of replaced and also affected people from all governorates of Yemen.