Yemen discusses with international organizations the implementation of humanitarian projects

Yemeni Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. NizarBasheib, discussed with the heads of the international organizations’ missions in the Yemeni capital Aden, Tuesday, the implementation of projects in a number of areas and sectors of life, especially humanitarian and development.

during a meeting between the Yemeni official with the Deputy Minister and the head of the Mission of Doctors Without Borders, Joao Martins, they stressed the continuation of joint cooperation and coordination of efforts between the two sides.

The ministry continued to provide all facilities for the mission to implement its projects and programs as required. To serve beneficiaries and alleviate their suffering.

Basaib discussed with the deputy head of Relief Foundation AdeebShweiki the implementation of the development projects in the fields of water, agriculture, education and literacy in various Yemeni governorates.

He also met with Head of the Humanitarian association RAHMA Mohammed Daoud, and discussed with him the interventions of the mission in the health fields in the governorates of Aden, Lahj and Abyan.

He also discussed with the Vice President of Relief Foundation AdibShweiki the implementation of its development projects in the fields of water, agriculture, education  in various Yemeni governorates.

Yemen :a child was grazing sheeps..aHouthi bullet ended his life !

A child was shot dead Tuesday by al-Houthi militia snipers in al-Midam district of Al-Maqtara district, northwest of Lahj province in southern Yemen.

Local sources said 14-year-old Suleiman Abdul Hakim was killed by a gunshot to the head from a Houthi militia sniper stationed in Tuba al-Khadra on the Al-Hakam Front.

The sources pointed out that the child  was grazing sheep in one of the mountains of the region, but the sniper of the terrorist militia Houthi ended his life with one bullet just for fun .

Earlier, anotherchild ,Hisham al-Derbiwas killed by the houthi militia in the same area.

Al-Huthi militia killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children, in Taiz province and other regions of yemenduring the years of war in yemen .

YEMEN: UN official meet the houthis to discuss the conflict in a Meeting in Muscut

The Omani capital Muscat on Tuesday witnessed a bilateral meeting bringing together a UN official and a leader of the Huthis militias to discuss the Yemeni conflict.

The head of the Houthismilitias delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam, discussed with Muscat Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in Yemen, MoinShraim, the proposals to overcome the stumbling block in the implementation of the agreement on the province of Hodeidah (west) ) And  the opening of Sanaa International Airport.

These talks are paving the way for a new round of consultations and the resumption of comprehensive political discussions and transitional arrangements.

The United Nations is struggling to find a political solution to end the houthis war in Yemen, which has made most of the population in need of humanitarian assistance.

On December 13, 2018, the government and the Houthis reached an agreement in Stockholm to deal with the situation in the coastal province of Hodeidah (west), as well as the exchange of prisoners and detainees.

But the implementation of the agreement faces many obstacles because of the houthis refusing to respect and apply all the conditions of the agreement.

YEMEN: the visit of the Director of Hawk to the inhabitants of Al-Massani near the seam lines in Hodeidah

The Director General of the Directorate of Hawk in Hodeidah province, AymanSulaimanJaramsh, visited the area of ??Al-Massani, east of Hodeidah.

Al-Masani is one of the most deprived areas of the most basic life services because it occurs near the seam lines in the city of Hodeidah, which is surrounded by a network of mines and explosives planted by the Huthi militias in the fields, houses and roads .

During the visit, Jaramesh listened to citizens’ complaints, their suffering and their needs for a number of basic services, such as relief assistance, as well as  THE  permanent risk of the Houthi mines deployed in the region.

The Director of the Hawk called on all international and local organizations to intensify their visit to the Massennia region and assess the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster experienced by the people and to provide relief and service assistance , he appreciated  the continuous efforts exerted by the UAE Red Crescent Society in providing relief and humanitarian assistance to the people of the region.

The Director of the Hawk Directorate called on the engineering teams to demine the West Coast and to intensify their efforts in surveying and clearing the entire area of ??those mines that have threatened the life of citizens.

UN report: 24.1 million Yemenis need humanitarian assistance

A report published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Monday that malnutrition continues to affect millions of Yemen’s population for the fifth year in a row and remains a factor affecting their well-being, especially children.

“UNHCR continues to be active in providing assistance to internally displaced persons, returnees to their homes and members of the host community for displaced people throughout Yemen,” the report said, noting that “24.1 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance and 3.56 million have been displaced since March 2015 “He said.

“On July 17, UNHCR conducted a one-day mission to the governorate of Amran (south of Sana’a) to verify the construction of 23 multi-purpose shelters for IDPs in the province under Houthi rule since the end of 2014,” the report said.

For the fifth year in a row, Yemen is witnessing a war between pro-government forces and Huthi militants accused of receiving Iranian support and controlling the provinces, including the capital Sanaa since September 2014; since March 2015, an Arab military alliance led by Saudi Arabia has supported government forces Confrontation of the Houthis terrorists.

Yemen urges oil companies to resume activities on its territory

The internationally recognized government of Yemen has called on oil companies to resume exploration and production activities.

Yemen has urged local and international oil companies to relocate their main headquarters in Yemen to the interim capital of Aden,stated the Oil and Minerals Ministry.

The Yemeni economy relies on oil as a major resource since its discovery in the mid-1980s. Before the outbreak of the war, oil revenues accounted for 70% of state budget resources and 63% of the country’s total exports.

Before the wave of protests in Yemen in 2011, the country produced more than 300,000 barrels per day of crude. For comparison, Yemen’s oil production recorded its highest level in 2001, reaching about 466 thousand barrels per day, and recorded its lowest levels at the beginning of last year. With a production of 11000 barrels per day .

Yemen: Iran is working to cultivate a sectarian entity in the society for more division and destruction

The Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Mohammad Askar said that Iran is working to implant a sectarian and racist element on the culture of Yemeni society to use it to confront its international opponents and expand its illegal influence in the region, thus endangering Arab national security, warning that the abandonment of his country will have serious consequences for stability and regional and international security.

He said that his country’s exit from the cycle of war and the achievement of security and stability and the protection of human rights and dignity, is linked to the implementation of a political solution in Yemen, which is the outcome of the comprehensive national dialogue conference and the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism and resolutions of international legitimacy,

In a speech to the 3rd Arab Regional Conference on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights held at the headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo, Yemen said that Yemen has faced challenges affecting Arab security for four years.

He pointed out that despite the humanitarian and economic crises, all factions continue to resist the most dangerous rebel gang on the regime and  law, that seized the weapon of the state,  using its elements planted in the army with the Iranian military and intelligence support and guidance 

Askar stressed that the Houthi militia backed by Iran rejects all solutions to implement the Stockholm agreement. The Iranian strategy is to prolong the negotiations to keep the chaos on, and doesn’t care about any humanitarian crises. Iran does not have any intention to stop the war or sign peace, National serving external agendas.

Emirates convoys bring back life to Yemen

The UAE continues to run relief convoys to the Yemeni provinces to re-establish life through the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent Society. Al-Dhali Governor also praised the state’s continuous efforts to support the governorate and its residents, stressing that it was the first to provide assistance to Al-Nasr General Hospital, and provided a large shipment of medical supplies to treat health chaos  caused by the spread of cholera and malaria.

On the ground, the joint forces responded to an attack by al-Houthi militia on military positions west of the al-Tahita Directorate, and the militia suffered heavy casualties. The coalition of support for legitimacy in Yemen said that the coalition thwarted Houthi’s attempt to target the city of Najran inSaudi Arabia, through a plane attack. He confirmed that there is nothing true or real to what the militia published about the targeting of Najran airport

The Houthi militia is blocking and looting aid organizations again !

Al-Huthi’s militias continue to loot humanitarian aid from the World Food Program (WFP), burning some of them and impeding its distribution to its beneficiaries.

Local sources told press that Houthi elements confiscated a truck carrying food aid from a humanitarian organization on its way to the Jahana district in Sana’a governorate under the pretext that the aid was expired.

In the province of Rima, humanitarian sources confirmed that elements of the Houthi militias broke into a warehouse of the World Food Program and seized quantities of food and burned some of them under the pretext of damage.

Yemen High Relief Committee renewed its request to UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Marc Lokoc and humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Liz Grande to intervene urgently and investigate these incidents and take measures to ensure that aid is delivered to those who are entitled to it and to prevent it being looted.

Aid activists have accused al-Huthi militias of obstructing the activities of humanitarian organizations and seizing aid to distribute it to its elements or to harness it for its war effort. This is not the first time that militias have seized or destroyed international aid. Red Sea mills have already targeted about 20 Per cent of the stock of wheat in its stores.

WFP has explicitly accused the militias of stealing food

from the mouths of the hungry, while the group says it will not allow any humanitarian activities of international organizations without being heard and seen by an earlier statement.

A touch of hope and happiness : UAE hosts second mass wedding in Lahj

  Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Lahj province witnessed Thursday a mass wedding for 200 bride and groom from all governorates.   The Governor of Lahj expressed his thanks for the generous and unlimited support provided by the United Arab Emirates represented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Lahj province in particular and the liberated governorates in general.   The Governor added that the next phase will witness the implementation of several projects with funding and support from the United Arab Emirates in the continued generosity of the leadership of the UAE towards the people of the province in various service and development.   For his part, the coordinator of the UAE Red Crescent, stressed the interest of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to support youth in various fields, including social areas.   He pointed out that this is the fifth mass wedding organized by the UAE Red Crescent at the level of the liberated provinces in 2019 and the second in the province of Lahj after the wedding in 2018.   He pointed out that the programs and projects of the UAE Red Crescent and with the support of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will continue in the province of Lahj in order to serve citizens in alleviating difficult living conditions.   The wedding ceremony  included many songs that were praised by the promising artist Sami Annabol along with the folk dances and folkloric heritage of the pilgrimage provided by the folk dance group at the Culture Office in the province of Lahj.