Suicide Bombing in Aden leaves 3 security force members of Yemen dead.


Suicide bombing in the southern port city, Aden, claimed lives of three Yemeni security force members last evening. This came a day after the UAE affirmed air strikes targeting terrorist groups in the southern port city.Conflicts in Aden have risen agitation that fights might lead to increased terrorist attacks and acts of Al Qaeda.

It was found that the bombing was carried out by a bike rider who was carrying explosives on the motorcycle and denoted the explosives at roundabout in Daar Saad district of Aden, leaving 3 dead and injuring many others even civilians present in the market nearby.

Another attack on the convey of Security Belt force in central Aden severally injured five guards of the convoy whereas its head merely survived the attack.

A security official held Al Qaeda responsible for the attack though no group has claimed responsibility instantly for the bombing so far. Al Qaeda is suspected of the attack as it had been carrying out such attacks and killing in Aden on a regular basis over the years following its liberation from Houthi militants at the beginning of Civil war in Yemen in the year 2015.

The Saudi-ushered coalition assisting the government of Yemen including the UAE has supported in the restoration process of safety in Aden and has aimed at Al Qaida and ISIS in various other parts Southern Yemen. UAE forces along with Yemen’s Forces responsible for targeting terrorists from Al Qaeda and other groups in Yemen have been provided training by the UAE.

Last evening’s attacks were planned at a time amidst conflict between forces in alliance with the government and othersin collaboration with the Southern Transitional Council. Both the attacks were aimed at the STC.

Saudi Arabia along with UAE have extended invitation to both government and STC to be a part of the reconciliation discussion planned in Jeddah so that their participation against the Houthi militants can be agreed upon.

Such attacks every now and then in Aden have further become hurdles in UN efforts towards a political settlement in Yemen’s conflict. A truce that was agreed upon at a Un-backed talks in Sweden almost eight months ago is still to be completely implemented in the port city, Hodeidah.

UAE reaffirms its right to respond and self-defense, expresses concern over situation in Yemen

yemen flag shutters in the air

In Response to Yemen’s Foreign Ministry’s statement, UAE puts forth developments in Yemen through a statement in which UAE declared its rightto self-defenseblocking every threat that aims to target the Arab Coalition forces.

UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with International Cooperation released a statement saying:

“ The current exacerbation in outrage in opposition to Arab Coalition forces and citizens comes as an alarming danger to the soundness of the coalition. As a result of which direct and exact air strikes became a necessity that were carried out on 28th and 29th of August 2019 targeting terrorist commandos abiding by the regulations of engagement in the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law.”

The statement further clarified that, “ the military actions that targeted the terrorist commandos was carried out based on affirmed field intelligence that those commandos were trained to attack the coalition forces, an evolution that demanded a planned action in order to prevent and danger to the military.”

Revealing additional details the statement added, “ The attacks on the Arab Coalition were carried out by armed militants associated with terrorist organizations. The Arab Coalition was attacked at the Aden Airport that resulted in two injuries among the forces.”

In a response to which the coalition under the right of self defense acted in order to safeguard the security of their forces.

The statement by UAE yet again vouched that it will never be in two minds when it comes to preserve the soundness of Arab Coalition forces and whenever the need be and UAE under all circumstances possesses its right to respond and self-defense.

According to observations by the UAE intelligence departments in the past few weeks, terrorist organization have begun to speed up their terror actions through Yemeni territories in a manner that it raises alarming concerns to the progress of Arab coalition towards grubbing out the suffering caused by Terrorism in Yemen. It also poses danger to the numerous attempts of the coalition to curb Houthi insurgents that are at ease with accelerating tensions and terrorism.

The statement towards the end expressed concerns over the situation in Yemen, it read, “ The UAE expresses deep concern regarding the ongoing troubled situation in Yemen regarding recommencement of terror acts following the successful efforts of the coalition over the past years to curb terrorism in Yemen.”

Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport attacked by Houthi insurgents with the use of a missile


Yemen’s Iran-coordinated Houthi insurgents targeted Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport with a missile attack on Wednesday.

Official spokesperson of the Coalition to Restore legitimacy in Yemen, Col Turki Al Malki provided confirmation of the missile attack on the Airport to the Saudi Press Agency adding that no casualties have been reported so far.

The spokesperson for Houthi Military Yahya Saria informed that the missile that struck the airport was aimed at the plane hangers according to a report by Reuters .

Col Al Malki also stated that prolongation of such remorseless terror acts is proof that Iran’s administration is associated and is extending support to the Houthis resulting in constant violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions.

This is the second time that Abha airport has been targeted. It was earlier attacked in June when a Houthi drone had claimed life of a Syrian civilian and injured 7 others on June 23 whereas another missile attack in the same month had wounded 26 people which included 2 children.

Col Malki further informed that a Houthi drone was dejected following its launch from Sanaa while it was approaching towards Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this week Saudi bummed out two Houthi drones, one of which was instigated from the capital, Sanna but was dejected while in Yemeni airspace.

The other drone was launched from Amran Governorate’s Hard Sufyan district located towards north-west Sanaa and like the first one this also was dejected in Yemeni airspace.

Saudi ushered alliance together with the UAE, has been fighting against the insurgents since 2015 which began when the Houthis invaded Sanaa and the port city, Hodeidah.

UAE Red Crescent distribute food aid in Hadramout


The UAE Red Crescent Authority is continuing its campaign to distribute food assistance to poor and low-income families in the district of Al-Raida and Qusayar in the governorate of Hadhramaut, to alleviate the impact of the economic crisis coinciding with the year of tolerance in 2019.

In this regard, the Commission distributed 500 food baskets at a rate of (40 tons and 400 kilos) targeting (2500) members of poor and needy families in the Directorate of Al-Raida and Qusayar in Hadramout.

This assistance comes in conjunction with the “Year of Tolerance” to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni families within the framework of the humanitarian approach being undertaken by the United Arab Emirates, in light of the worsening humanitarian conditions that afflict the population of these areas in the province of Hadramout.

For their part, the beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE leadership and people for this great help and humanitarian gesture that will contribute to alleviate the suffering of many families in the midst of these difficult living conditions due to the deteriorating economic conditions and the lack of job opportunities for a large number people in  the province

It is worth mentioning that the number of food baskets, which have been distributed since the beginning of the year of tolerance, reached 24629 food baskets with a rate of 1,990 tons and 023.2 kilograms, targeting 123,145 members of needy and affected families in Hadramout governorate.

UAE red crescent keeps on saving lives on Hodeidah


The UAE Red Crescent mobile clinics  continuefor the second day in a row their free emergency services to save the lives of dozens of families in remote areas endemic in Hodeidah province on the west coast of Yemen.

The head of the medical team in charge of field descent, Dr. Ali Al-Mouri, said that the Red Crescent reached the villages hosting displaced people southwest of Al-Tahita district yesterday after receiving a distress from families after Five children were killed and 80 injured, mostly children from displaced families and villagers.

The two clinics arrived in the targeted villages and provided free medical care for more than 80 cases of children, women and elderly men with acute watery diarrhea.

They also provided nutritional supplements for malnourished children.

Al-Ghuwairik, along with its 130 families, hosts more than 150 families displaced from the mountainous area, which is still subjected to daily mortar shelling by Houthi militia.

UAE Mobile clinics rescue Yemenis in Taiz and Hodeidah villages


From one place to another, mobile medical clinics from the UAE tour the southern countryside of Hodeidah governorate, in western Yemen, providing free medical and treatment services to thousands of Yemeni patients.

Since the beginning of last week, mobile clinics have stepped up their medical operations in remote areas between Taiz and Hodeidah governorates, which are ravaged by the epidemics of “diarrhea”, “cholera”, “dengue” and “malaria”, and succeeded in saving the lives of many patients who were suffering from Highest levels of infection.

It has also continued to treat hundreds of cases of other respiratory, anemia, skin and severe malnutrition in children and the reproductive system.

The water diarrhea epidemic in the past two days has killed five people and injured more than 80, including children who fled with their families to escape Houthi terrorism in Hodeidah to a remote West Coast town, according to the Health Office of Al-Tahita Directorate.

For the second day in a row, a medical team from the UAE Red Crescent Authority, working with two medical clinics, is working to provide free emergency treatment services to dozens of people suffering from watery diarrhea epidemics in the villages of Al-Ghuwairq, Al-Thukair and Al-Saqf, which is affiliated to Al-Tahita south of Hodeidah.

The UAE Red Crescent field medical team reported that two mobile clinics with full supplies had responded to a distress call by residents to save their lives from an epidemic that swept their villages late last week .

The head of the field team, Dr. Ali Al-Mouri, said in a statement that the mobile clinics had succeeded in providing medical care for more than 80 cases, mostly women, children, the elderly and suffering from acute watery diarrhea.

The team also provides nutritional supplements for severely malnourished children in these impoverished villages to the south-west of the Red Sea district of Tahita

FadlBaswaid, the epidemiologist at the Health Bureau in Tahta, confirmed that the epidemic almost killed the population and displaced people in the absence of any medical interventions of the concerned international and local organizations.However, the emergency response of the UAE Red Crescent saved dozens of lives from actual death.

Baswaid thanked the UAE for standing with the people of Hodeidah and all the inhabitants of the West Coast towns, pointing out that the humanitarian and relief work in the UAE has contributed greatly to alleviate the suffering of the people and displaced people and normalize life in the liberated areas.

Mobile medical clinics target communities of displaced people in liberated areasThe average number of cases of treatment received in one of the districts was more than 1000 cases of various diseases.

cooperation between al-Qaeda, ISIS and the legitimacy GOV. of Yemen revealed


A number of members of the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen were killed and others injured in an ambush by al-Qaeda in al-Mahfed district of Abyan province.

 Late on Saturday, Ansar al-Sharia, through a media site, claimed responsibility for the attack.

A military source revealed the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood militia, members of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda in the resistance to southern forces in the province of Shabwa.

Activists have documented images of al-Qaeda elements fighting alongside Muslim Brotherhood militias against elite forces.

An eyewitness said: “There are dozens of elements in Afghan clothes  from al Qaeda and ISIS, walkingTowards the area of ??confrontation, their physical structure and morphology, suggest that they are  not Yemeni.

this attack is the latest confirmation of the affiliation of al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists to Yemen’s legitimate government led by President Hadi Abd Rabbo Mansour, al-Qaeda’s affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Qatari role in supporting the terrorist organizations.

The ambush of Ansar al-Sharia, which has targeted the forces of the Southern Transitional Council (NTC) with the clear presence of terrorists among the legitimacy government army  shows the link between  the Yemeni government and al-Qaeda and Dahesh terrorists.

UAE reopens Aden Mukalla road in Yemen


The UAE  reopened the road between the cities of Aden and Mukalla after it was closed to travelers because of the encroachment of sand dunes and damaged by floods and rains for a long time.

The UAE Red Crescent has embarked on a massive campaign to lift the creeping sand on the asphalt line in the Araqa area in the coastal district of Radhoum, east of Shabwa province, and to re-open the road for the movement of passengers on the international coastline, according to the site “Aden Time” on Saturday.

Local authorities in Radhoum said equipment, with support from the UAE, had reached a number of locations on the coastline to remove sand dunes that blocked the road and caused traffic accidents for passengers, truck drivers and vehicles.

The passengers expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE for its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people in various aspects, including the opening of the road to them after long suffering, and their happiness to open the road completely, without obstacles.

Distributing Emirati aid to 2,000 families in Sah district


The UAE Red Crescent has sent food aid to the people of Sah district in one of the remote areas of Hadramout province.

The Authority distributed  (400) food baskets (32 tons and 320 kilos), targeting (2000) members of poor and needy families in Sah district in Wadi Hadhramout, which included the basic needs and necessary supplies

This assistance is part of the continuation of the humanitarian program carried out by the UAE in a series of campaigns carried out by the Commission for humanitarian support throughout Hadramout, in addition to reaching remote areas where the families are suffering from a very difficult humanitarian and living situation.

The number of food baskets, which have been distributed since the beginning of the year of tolerance, is (24129) food baskets at a rate of (1,949 tons and 623.2 kg).

This food assistance has alleviated the suffering of many families as a result of the country’s deteriorating economy, high food prices and community needs.

The beneficiary families praised the efforts of the United Arab Emirates and its humanitarian arm in Yemen, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, for its assistance in various fields, especially those which directly affect people’s lives.



The head of the Aden Center for Studies and Research explained to the press how  the UAE has played a leading role in fighting terrorism, starting with building the capacity of the Yemeni security forces and providing them with the necessary support to carry out their tasks in confronting Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements.

It has largely prevented the threat of terrorism from the liberated provinces, as well as training thousands of soldiers through various security formations that have achieved qualitative victories in the war against terrorism.

He added that the branch of al-Qaeda in Yemen was a major threat to Yemen and to the entire region, its members were able to declare a number of cities of dark states, along with the emergence of ISIS and launching attacks and terrorist operations in the liberated governorates.

He pointed out that the UAE was proactive in achieving this  by training thousands of Yemeni forces and special formations to fight terrorism  and provide the necessary financial and military support to carry out their tasks.

These efforts contributed to the liberation of the city of Mukalla and the coast of Hadramout in April 2016 and defeating terrorism in the liberated governorates starting from Aden down to the governorates of Lahj, Abyan and Shabwa, where the danger of these terrorist elements in the strongest strongholds have ceased to pose a threat.

He pointed out that the UAE also committed to the success of the Stockholm Agreement and support the efforts of the United Nations for the success of the agreement, which received international consensus, pointing out that military movements in the battle of the West Coast and Hodeidah was the main factor in the talks in Sweden and forcing the Houthis to sign the agreement.