France : Aramco was not attacked from Yemen

Aramco was not attacked from Yemen

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian questioned the Houthis’ claim for the Saudi oil facilities, known as “Aramco attacks,” saying it isnot possible”.”It is not true that the Houthis in Yemen attacked Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia. Their claim of the attack cannot be taken into account,” he said.

The group “Ansar Allah” last Saturday, claimed that they did a drone attack on two oil facilities belonging to the Saudi oil giant “Aramco” in “Abqaiq” and “HijratKhurais” in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

However, a spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen, Turki al-Maliki, said initial investigations into the attack on oil facilities in the kingdom indicated that the weapons used were Iranian.

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday showed remnants of the Iranian drones and cruise missiles used to attack Saudi oil facilities, saying they were “undeniable” evidence of Iranian aggression.

For his part, the Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami, said that the group “Ansar Allah” carried out the attack on oil facilities “by their own means.”.

UAE saves Hadramout electricity

An Emirati cargo ship carrying 12,000 metric tons of diesel for Hadhramaut power stations has arrived in the southern Yemeni port of Mukalla, which has almost stopped working.

Hameed Al Shamsi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent in Hadramout, said that this ship is the first to arrive in Mukalla port and that the rest of the ships will continue according to the agreed schedule.

Major General Faraj Salmeen Al Bahsani, Governor of Hadhramaut Governor, welcomed the UAE rescue support to the power stations in Hadramaut.He said that the power stations were about to stop working without the UAE’s rapid response as the first ships loaded with oil derivatives arrived at Mukalla port.

For his part, Abdullah Hamran, Director General of the Public Authority for Electricity of Sahel Hadramout, said that the grant from the UAE would solve the problem of power outages, , expressing thanks and appreciation to the UAE and its humanitarian arm Red Crescent Authority for their constant support to Hadramout.

UAE fighting Cholera in Yemen

Cholera in Yemen

Since the Yemeni health ministry announced in April an emergency to deal with a cholera outbreak the UAE response was very quick through its arm the UAE red crescent , despite the huge effort and the investment in treatments and awareness campaign done by the UAE in different regions in Yemen, the disease has taken hundreds of lives and injured hundreds of thousands in the country.

The Republic of Yemen suffers from bad conditions in various fields where citizens live in very bad economic conditions in addition to exposure to rampant diseases, most notably cholera.

The disease has been combated with local awareness campaigns mainly conducted by the UAE red crescent as well as water sterilization with chlorine, which has significantly reduced the number of infections recently.

The UAE initiative for children of Yemen

The UAE initiative for children of Yemen

The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood in the UAE continues its humanitarian initiative by inviting UAE children to collect toys and stationery (all stationery) for kids in Yemen, explaining that it has achieved great success so far

Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, president of the General Women’s Union and head of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, said Al Reem Abdulla Al Falasi, Secretary General of the Council, has the greatest credit for the success of this initiative of buying toys and stationery for the children of Yemen.

She expressed her thanks and appreciation to the supporters of the UAE Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and its humanitarian initiatives, especially the UAE Red Crescent Authority and the commercial centers that cooperate to make the initiative a success, pointing out that the funds continue in front of the supermarkets to receive donations from children in preparation for collecting and sending them to the children of Yemen.

Al-Falasi said: “What we saw from the great joy that prevailed in the children of Yemen when we distributed the first batch of toys and stationery to them encourages us to continue this initiative; to collect as many of them as possible.”

She called on the children of the UAE, their parents, supporters, foundations and companies to support this pioneering humanitarian initiative, “to keep our country under its wise leadership and sponsor and support for humanitarian action locally and abroad,” she said.

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Saudi Arabia: Aramco attack was not operated from Yemen

Aramco attack was not operated from Yemen

Saudi Arabia accused Iran on Wednesday of being behind the attacks on Aramco oil facilities last Saturday, declaring that the attacks were not launched from Yemen, as announced earlier the Houthi group

“Iran has tried to falsify the facts, the attack on Aramco came from the north and with Iranian support,” ministry spokesman Turki al-Maliki told a news conference in Riyadh. “Our evidence confirms that Aramco’s attack did not originate from Yemen.”

Maliki called on the international community to “recognize the malicious Iranian attacks,” noting that the attack on Aramco “is not only aimed at Saudi Arabia, but at the whole world, and the attack is aimed at affecting the global economy.”

Maliki did military check of the remnants of the planes and missiles targeted in the attack, saying some of them were cruise missiles.

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US accuses Iran of being responsible for the attack on “Aramco”

US accuses Iran of being responsible for the attack on "Aramco"

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry accused on Monday Iran of involvement in the attack on Saudi oil facilities, stressing that the attack on Aramco facilities targeted and distabilised the economy and the global energy market.

Perry condemned what he called “Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabia” in his address to the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and  he added  : ” This behavior is unacceptable,” adding that Iran “bears responsibility for this act.”

He noted that President Donald Trump has allowed the release of strategic oil reserves in case the United States needs them, and that “his department is ready” to implement this if necessary and he added :”Despite Iran’s malicious endeavors, we are confident in the market’s ability to recover,”.

UAE launches a back to school campaign on the west coast of Yemen

school campaign

The UAE continues to support the Yemeni service sectors, including the education sector. The UAE Red Crescent Authority, on Sunday, launched a back to school campaign on the west coast of Yemen.

The campaign included the opening and furnishing of  16 schools and the distribution of school bags for the students, for the entire 16 schools destroyed by the war waged by the Houthi terrorist militia against the Yemeni people.

The campaign, which was inaugurated by the Directorate of Mukha in Taiz governorate under the slogan “My school .. my future”, also includes a full furnishing of schools that the Authority restored and opened earlier, 36 schools, in addition to the distribution of the integrated school bags to the students of the schools of the directorates of Bab al-Mandab, distributor, waziya and Mokha Taiz governorate, and the directorates of Khokha, Hays, Tahita and Duraimi in Hodeidah province.

Yemen : China calls for a political solution!

China calls for a political solution!

China’s Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Wu Haitao, has called for an end to the escalation of tension in Yemen and a return to diplomacy for a political solution.

Addressing a Security Council meeting quoted by Chinese media on Tuesday, Tao said that many recent developments concerning the situation in Yemen have brought new and complex dimensions to the search for a political solution, stressing that “China condemns the attack on Saudi oil refining facilities and opposes any attacks on Civilians installations.

All parties should refrain from any action that could further escalate tension in the region and resort to political means such as peaceful negotiations with a view to regional peace and stability, Tao said.

Yemen : Demining thousands of mines planted by the Houthis

Demining thousands of mines planted by the Houthis

The Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen (MASAM) extracted 1980 mines during the second week of September 2019, all planted by the Houthi militias in a number of Yemeni liberated governorates and regions.

The center said in a statement on Monday that the total mines seizedare : two anti-personnel mines, 332 anti-tank mines, 1,629 unexploded mines, and 17 explosive devices.

The total clearance since the beginning of the project amounted to 89,761 mines planted by the Houthi coup militia, in the land, schools and houses in Yemen. The houthis tried to hide them in different forms, colors and ways that it killed a large number of children, women and caused , serious injury or amputation of organs for those who stayed alive.

Hundreds of civilians were killed by the explosion of mines planted by Houthi militias in residential neighborhoods, villages and farms and in the homes of citizens in various areas and districts of the province of Hodeidah.

Landmines have become one of the most prominent weapons of the Houthis targeting innocent people in the mountains, valleys, plains and residential neighborhoods. which makes the process of removal or access very difficult

UAE and Saudi Arabia to send $ 700million as humanitarian aid to Yemen

700million as humanitarian aid to Yemen

The United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator MarcLuckock announced today that Saudi Arabia will send $ 500 million in humanitarian aid to Yemen on September 25

Lukook said “I have received confirmation from the Saudi authorities that they intend to transfer $ 500 million to the UN office in fulfillment of their pledge to the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan.

I welcome this step and look forward to the signing of the agreement on 25 September and startingthe transfer of this Money. “
he added”The UAE has also allocated $ 200 million to the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan.”

The United Nations has described what is happening in Yemen as “the largest humanitarian disaster in the world”, exacerbated by the obstruction of the delivery of necessary humanitarian assistance