Houthi losses worsen… 94 dead in 10 days on the west coast

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Yemeni military and medical sources revealed that dozens of members of the Houthi militia have been killed, as a major operation plan to escalate in the Yemeni west coast front has failed during the past few days.

Medical sources reported the arrival of 94 Houthi militia dead members’ bodies, to hospitals in the cities of Hodeidah and Sanaa, during the last ten days.

The news agency "Yemen" news confirmed the arrival of 32 wounded Houthi fighters, who were injured in recent days in Hodeidah.
 According to the sources, all the dead from Houthi militia were killed in confrontations with the joint forces on the west coast.

In the same context, another medical source confirmed the killing of the first Houthi teams of mine and explosive devices official in the west coast. 
The so-called "Nasrallah Laajji" died in the hospital from his injury earlier in the province of Hodeidah.” Explained the same source. 
“The escalation of Houthi militias with missiles and drones came after suffering great losses after the desperation in the implementation of attacks and the failed attempts to infiltrate and receiving pre-emptive strikes in which there were many human losses.” Said a military source. 
The joint forces in the west coast, described the UN-sponsored truce in Hodeidah since December 2018 under the Stockholm agreement as "sterile", during which increased the suffering of  Hodeidah’s people and could not protect them from the brutality and criminality of Houthi militias.
They also pointed out that the Houthi militia targeted and bombarded cities, residential neighborhoods and houses of citizens in Hodeidah with various artillery shells and medium and heavy weapons, in addition to planting regular and indiscriminate minefields and explosive devices on public and secondary roads and farms.

217 dead and two thousand wounded because of Houthis’ truce breaches in Hodeidah

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Yemeni forces on the west coast reported on Monday that 217 civilians have been killed and 2,152 injured by Houthi militia breaches of the UN truce in Hodeida, west of the country, since it was declared on December 18th, 2018.

“The Houthi militias committed the most heinous crimes and brutal massacres against civilians”. Stated the media center of giant brigades.

 “The Houthi militia targeted and bombarded cities, residential neighborhoods and citizens’ houses in Hodeidah with various artillery shells, medium and heavy weapons, the militias have also directly targeted citizens and planted regular and random minefields and IEDs in public and secondary roads and farms.” Added the same media center.

The statement described the UN truce as “sterile”, during which the suffering of the sons of Hodeidah increased and could not protect them from oppression and criminality of Houthi militias. the number of civilians killed and wounded since the beginning of the UN ceasefire reached 217 dead and the number of wounded (2152) injured, mostly women and children.

According to the statement, among the areas where the Houthi militias committed their crimes against civilians: Tahita, Jabaliya, Al-Haima, Al-Matina, Hays, Al-Khokha, Al-Ghuwairq, Al-Mughras, Al-Jah, Al-Duraimi, Al-Taif, Al-Jariba, Al-Hawk, Muzar, and Al-Masna.

Seven civilians were killed and 88 wounded from the first day of the UN truce on December 18th, 2018, until the end of the same month. The statement also pointed to the continuation of a series of Houthi crimes against civilians in Hodeidah since the beginning of this year, as the frequency of violations increased along areas and directorates south of Hodeidah province on a daily basis.

In January 2019, 25 people were killed and 224 wounded, most of them women and children, as a result of shelling, targeting, and explosion of mines and Houthi bombs.

In February 2019, 23 civilians were killed and 199 wounded, and the following month Houthi militias killed 20 civilians and 166 wounded. In April 2019, 16 civilians were killed and 153 wounded.

The death toll in May 2019 from Houthi abuses rose to 18, 179 wounded, 17 killed and 190 wounded in June of the same year. The militias, according to the statement, increased the frequency of violations against civilians in July 2019, where the number of dead was18 civilians, 200 wounded, and in August k 14 civilians killed and 198 wounded.

The number of civilian casualties in September 2019 as a result of Houthi breaches of the UN truce in Hodeidah, was 23 dead and 197 wounded, in addition to 21 dead and 212 wounded last October. In November 2019, 15 civilians were killed and 146 were injured.

The statement pointed out that the crimes and violations of Houthi militias are increasing day after day against innocent civilians in various directorates and areas of Hodeidah governorate, using the most heinous criminal means. The joint forces accuse the United Nations and the United Nations Observer Mission on the ceasefire in Hodeidah of tolerating and silencing Houthi crimes and violations, and continuing their procrastination in the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement on Hodeidah, which includes the withdrawal of militias from the city and ports of Hodeidah, and the opening of humanitarian corridors for relief.

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Following Tehran’s agenda Houthi militias reject peace

outhern forces stop Houthi attempt to penetrate Dhali

The Yemeni Prime Minister Mu’in Abdul Malik emphasized the necessity of taking a firm stance from the United Nations and the international community towards what he called “the reckless actions of the Houthi militias” and its blatant challenge to all efforts to achieve peace. Ponting to the continued intransigence of the Houthi militias in the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, and turned on all agreements and step on any opportunity to achieve peace in accordance with the agenda of their supporters in Tehran.

“The continued intransigence and procrastination by the Houthi militias in implementing any commitment under the Stockholm agreement since its signature in last December under the auspices of the United Nations and the silence of the UN about the Houthis’ desperation to try to fragment the implementation of the agreement on Hodeidah is a threat to the proposed peace process.” Said the head of the UN mission in Hodeidah, General Abahigit Goha, Abdul Malik During a meeting in the interim capital Aden.

The Yemeni Prime Minister described the escalation and violations committed by the Houthi militias during the past days, including targeting the headquarters of the government team in the Redeployment Coordination Committee and Médecins Sans Frontières Hospital, as “unjustified and must be condemned openly and clearly.” Al-Hudaydah agreement, especially with regard to security forces and local authority, the withdrawal of Houthi militias from the ports and city of Hodeidah and the opening of humanitarian corridors.

According to the official Yemeni News Agency, the meeting discussed the progress of the UN mission and the Committee for the Coordination of Redeployment and the obstacles facing it, due to the continued intransigence of Houthi militias and non-compliance with the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, and repeated violations of the UN truce. The Head of the United Nations Mission in Hodeidah expressed appreciation for the Government’s support for the Mission and its keenness to ensure the success of its tasks, outlining efforts to make the Stockholm Agreement a success, including the deployment of five UN ceasefire monitoring points.

Yemeni army free new sites in Dhali

Army soldier and instructor in yemen

Yemeni army forces took control of Al-Qaffa site on Friday evening and continued its field advance towards Al-Shamria town west of Qataba district in Al-Dhala governorate in the south of the country after violent clashes with Houthi militias.

“The forces of the 7th Brigade, supported by Hajar resistance, had taken full control of the Qaffa site, after a lightning operation in which clashes with the putschists intensified for nearly two hours, using various types of weapons.” mentioned the media center of the Dali Front, in a statement.

This successful military operation came hours after the security belt forces made extensive progress in the Hajar front south of the strategic town of Oud, located in the northern side of Dali. Added the media center.

The Qaffa site, a mountainous governor of the southern governorate of Shamriya , overlooks the area from the south, connected with the seam lines opposite Battar.

According to field sources, crowds of Houthis reinforcements incur heavy losses under Katyusha and artillery strikes. After 10 pm, the most intense battles are taking place in Battar, al-Hurra and Qaroud, west of Battar, after the Houthi militia mobilization.

Fires of aggression kill a child in Taiz, raids and shelling in Hodeidah, Amran and Saada


The Saudi-led aggression and their forces continued to violate the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province, targeting of Saada, Amran and Taiz provinces with several air strikes, rockets and artillery shelling, which led to the death of a child during the past 24 hours.

A security source confirmed that a child was killed by an artillery shell fired by mercenaries of the US-Saudi-UAE aggression on the the district of Khedir in Taiz province.

The source added that the brutal aggression warplanes launched a raid on Harf Sufyan district of Amran province.

In Hodeidah province, a security source said that the aggression forces carried out a failed infiltration attempt on the positions of the army and the popular committees west of Al-Tuhita city, registering a new violation of the Swedish agreement.

The source added that the invaders and mercenaries targeted two artillery houses in the besieged city of Duraihemi.

The source condemned the continuation of the US-Saudi-led aggression and those involved in treason by violating the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah and targeting the densely populated villages in various provinces in a deliberate intent to commit crimes and bloodshed.

Saudi-led mercenary fire kill a child in Taiz

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British Labor leader vows to end war on Yemen and stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia


The leader of the British opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Sunday that if he wins the elections this month, he will stop British arms sales to Saudi Arabia, indicating that Saudi Arabia is using British weapons to kill Yemenis.

In a speech in the northern city of York, Cobain outlined his party’s foreign policy goals: “Labor will stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen and end the war there, which his party did not strongly support, unlike the Conservatives.”

“International Labor policy includes establishing a conflict prevention fund and investing an additional 400 million to strengthen our diplomatic capabilities and increase arms export controls to ensure that we do not participate in fueling conflicts, as in Yemen.”

The UK flouts ban, sells arms to Saudi Arabia

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