U.N. Yemen envoy ‘alarmed’ by military escalation in Aden


Martin Griffiths, the special United Nation envoy for Yemen expressed concern about a few military step-up within the southern port town of Aden, the seat of Yemen’s internationally recognized government, and he needed dialogue.

“I am frightened by the military escalations in city nowadays, together with reports of clashes within the locality of the Presidential Palace. I am deeply involved by the recent rhetoric encouraging violence against Yemeni institutions,” he expressed on Twitter.Reuters

Hadi: Yemeni-American coordination to counter Iran’s interference and ambitions

Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi said on Tuesday that there is cooperation and coordination between his country and the United States in various fields, including fighting terrorism and confronting Iranian interference and ambitions in Yemen that destabilizes the security and stability of the region and the world.

Hadi  spoke about the repercussions of this (Iranian intervention) with US Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Hansel.

He also praised the support and efforts of the United States of America to Yemen and peace tracks.

For his part, the US ambassador affirmed his country’s support for Yemen and its legitimate government, unity, security and stability.

On the ground, the Yemeni army, supported by the Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen, liberated Monday New locations east of Haradh in Hajjah province, northwest of the country.

According to the official website of the Yemeni army, its forces liberated the mountain chain “Maboutha”, a strategic mountain  overlooking the market of Al-Mazraq east of Haradh district north of Hajjah, after an attack on the positions of the Iranian-backed rebel Houthi militias.

He confirmed that the fighters of the coalition

supported theYemeni  army forces in the attack, and targeted the positions and reinforcements of militias coming to the area of ??confrontations.

The clashes resulted in deaths and injuries among the Houthi militias, in addition to the destruction of a number of its mechanisms.

the national army forces were able to blow up a weapons store in the mountains of” Jalha “in the Thabit Directorate of Qabatir north of Saada.

The operation carried out by the National Army resulted in the death and injury of dozens of militia elements.

Yemen calls for investigations on the UN aid file

The Yemeni government called on Tuesday for declassification of UN investigations on corruption in the international aid file in Yemen

Information Minister Muammar al-Iryani said in a statement that the United Nations should review the operations carried out by its agencies in Yemen over the past years and make the results transparent.

Al-Iryani called for revealing the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars of food supplies, medicines and aid, while accusing the “Houthi” militias of stealing and looting the aid .

The minister said: “The internal investigation documents of the United Nations and the information gathered by the Associated Press from interviews with aid workers about the performance of the United Nations agencies, revealed the magnitude of the Houthi infiltration,

Political and financial corruption, nepotism and mismanagement of relief efforts in Yemen are a scandal that affects the reputation and balance of this organization.

The information contained in the investigation on the extent of corruption, cronyism, fraud, recruitment irregularities and the deposit of millions of dollars in aid to employees’ accounts, suspicious contracts, the disappearance of tons of food, medicine and fuel that end up delivered to the Houthis.

Al-Iryani pointed out that the investigation reveals the fate of billions of dollars allocated to humanitarian relief programs in Yemen since 2015, and confirms the government’s talk about the Houthis infiltration of UN agencies operating in their areas of control.

He renewed his demand for a transparent investigation into the financial and administrative corruption of its agencies in the country.

The government has repeatedly accused the Houthis of looting humanitarian aid in Yemen, saying the group was “stealing food from hungry mouths.”

1,673 Houthi mines were cleared in Yemen within a week

The Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen announced the extraction of 1,673 houthisminesduring the last week of July2019 .

Among these mines were 4 antipersonnel mines, 1,350 anti-tank mines, 305 unexploded ordnance and 14 improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

He explained that the total mines cleared since the beginning of the project so far is  79,986 mines planted by the Houthi militias in schools and homes in Yemen hidden in different forms, colors and planted in different  ways , these mines have killed a large number of children and women.

The Yemeni government says engineering teams and regional and international programs have extracted nearly 500,000 mines and improvised explosive devices since the beginning of the war.

According to official statements, there are more than one million mines and explosive devices still planted and that have not been cleared.

A human rights report said that the Houthi militia, since its coup against the legitimate authority in September 2014, has adopted a systematic strategy in the use of mines and explosives of all kinds.

the cultivation of mines, which are a unique signature of the Houthi militias, made yemen “one of the largest minefields on earth.”

UAE supplies Yemeni hospitals with medicines

A large quantity of drugs has been sent to Yemen as aid to the people of the southern province of Dhala, where parts of the province are still witnessing clashes between Yemeni forces and the Huthi rebels.

A UAE cargo plane arrived earlier in Aden International Airport carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies that will be distributed to hospitals in Dali.

Ali Al-Kaabi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent Society, explained that the dispatch of this shipment of medicines came days after the opening of a field hospital in Al-Dhala province equipped with the latest medical equipment and ambulances

The UAE has provided the General Hospital with 655 oxygen cylinders and supplied it with medical materials and equipment in four stages. The UAE also sent medicines and medical supplies through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, provided support through the World Health Organization and sent dozens of Yemeni wounded for treatment abroad at its expense.

Throughout the years of war in Yemen, the UAE has provided diverse assistance to people in many parts of the country, which have been divided between long-term development assistance and emergency relief to overcome food  crises and the effects of some natural disasters.

In this context, the UAE Red Crescent Society intervened  in the Khoura area in the Lower Marakha Directorate in Shabwa governorate in southern Yemen.The agency provided assistance with the main food components and equipped several shelter camps for those affected by the floods.

UAE Red Crescent finishes Cholera Campaign in West Coast Dealer

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent Authority, on Monday concluded a campaign to treat and control the cholera epidemic in a dispensary in the western coast of Yemen.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, in the West Coast, said that the campaign included providing the health center with the isolation materials in the dispensary directorate, with a quantity of drugs, intravenous fluids, antibiotics and other medical supplies.

He added that the second phase of the campaign against the cholera epidemic was carried out through awareness groups that aimed to educate residents in the areas of a distributed directorate about the danger of this epidemic and how to prevent it.

DrFatiniRajeh Salem Sahera, Director of Al Hamli Medical Center, praised the rapid response of the UAE Red Crescent to the emergency response to the cholera epidemic that has helped treat 60 cases, mostly children.

Dr.Fatini confirmed that the red crescent has put an end to this epidemic  that has affected the areas of Al-Jisr, Al-Hamz, Al-Hamli and Al-Muqaysar.

For their part, the field awareness team expressed their satisfaction with the success of this campaign, which lasted 12 days.

This campaign is part of the urgent response of the UAE Red Crescent to rescue the children of the areas affected by cholera, fever and diarrhea in the West Coast. This campaign was the third in July , where similar campaigns were carried out in the Directorate of Al-Waze’a and Hays.

The Houthis paint the “way of no return” for yemen future generations

Like the celebrations of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, al-Houthi militia celebrations marked the graduation of about a quarter of a million Yemeni children and young students from the summer centers they set up to serve their agendas and sectarian projects in areas under their control.

The militia distributed green headbands to the graduating students, carrying their slogan, the so-called “cry,” the same Khomeinist slogan in Iran that was echoed by students at the closing ceremony of the al-Saleh Mosque in Sanaa.

According to official statistics issued by the Houthis,  the summer centers established by the legitimate government as “sectarian” and warned of its danger in instilling a culture of death and hatred were joined by 251,234 students distributed to 3,672 centers in the provinces controlled by militias

The houthis Militias formed 5 groupesof  studentsaccording to age group, more than 95 thousand students at the introductory level, 87 thousand students in the first level, 47 thousand students in the second level, and 18 thousand students in the third, and 1271 students in the fourth level.

The Houthi group focuses on the children and young people because of the ease of influencing them, and instilling the concepts and beliefs of the group in their minds, in preparation for enrolling them in training

The students at the centers received special training from Huthi leaders and loyal teachers. They included military training, according to one of the trainers, who revealed that the summer center management had asked him to carry out a military program for the students to strengthen their readiness to fight and increase their ability to withstand the difficult circumstances.

“Houthi” committed thousands of violations against the children of Hajour

The Yemeni Network of Rights and Freedoms revealed that the Huthi militias have committed thousands of violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the areas of Hajour in Hajjah province.

The network also considered that the international community, the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen are absent from the roles expected of them.

In its details, the network said it monitored more than 11,000 human rights violations in the Hajour tribal areas of Hajjah province in northwestern Yemen by al-Houthi militias between January and April of the same year.

According to the report, the violations varied between murder, physical assaults, arrests, abduction and forced disappearances, forced displacement , as well as the destruction of homes and private property, violations of children’s rights and the right to education.

The network’s field team documented more than 120 killings by Iranian-backed terrorist groups.

The team also documented over 640 cases, 25 cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees, and more than 350 arbitrary arrests.

the team monitored more than 109 cases of closure of educational schools, occupying 20 schools and turning them into military barracks for Houthi militias.

UAE supplies Shabwawith 64 tons of food and shelter camps

The United Arab Emirates sent relief conveys through the humanitarian arm , the Red Crescent Society to the people affected by the torrential floods in the area of ??Khoura in the Directorate of Lower Mircha in the province of Shabwa, Yemen.

The organization provided food assistance and shelter camps to those affected by the floods, in the framework of its humanitarian and relief efforts,carried out at various levels to help the brothers in Yemen and alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions.

The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed 800 food baskets at a rate of 64 tons targeting 4 thousand and 720 people from the Khawra area, as well as providing accommodation camps for those whose houses were damaged by the flood of torrential rains.

The assistance comes within the framework of the humanitarian approach and the continuous efforts of the UAE in light of the worsening humanitarian conditions affecting the population of these areas in Shabwa.

The beneficiaries of the Red Crescent assistance expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE for this great assistance and humanitarian gesture that will contribute to alleviating their suffering amid difficult living conditions and deteriorated economic conditions.

The number of food baskets distributed by the UAE Red Crescent since the beginning of 2019 is more than  29 thousand and 468 baskets of food distributed to 135 thousand and 319 people from needy families and affected in Shabwa.

UAE send drugs and medical supplies to Daleh

The UAE continues its continuous support to the medical sector in Yemen, in order to ensure that it continues to serve the citizens in light of the difficult conditions in the country.

A transport plane from the United Arab Emirates carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies arrived at Aden International Airport yesterday. The plane was received at Aden airport by the representative of the UAE Red Crescent Ali Al Kaabi.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that the shipment of medicines will be sent to support the hospitals of Dali’a governorate, which receives the wounded from fighting with Al-Houthi militia in the outskirts of the province. The UAE support comes days after the opening of a field hospital in the province of Dhala equipped with the latest means, medical equipment and ambulances. The UAE and its humanitarian arm  the Red Crescentin Dalea governorate has given special importance to supporting the fighting fronts .

Since the beginning of war in the province of Dhala, the General Hospital was supported by 655 cylinders of oxygen, and the provision of materials and medical equipment . Drugs and medical supplies were also provided with the support of the UAE through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, support through the World Health Organization,  more than 60 wounded were sent for treatment abroad.

The UAE has provided significant health support in the form of pharmaceutical shipments and the

establishment and maintenance of a number of health centers in the various liberated governorates of Yemen