Alliance forces announce the targeting of military sites of the Houthis in Yemen

The Yemeni-led Coalition Supporting the internationally recognized government in Yemen targeted Houthis military targets in the Yemeni
capital of Sanaa.
The coalition announced that it had targeted air defense systems in Sanaa, with the aim of destroying the objectives of the Huthi’s qualitative
capabilities, in order to achieve regional and international security.
The coalition asked civilians in Yemen not to approach the target sites in Sana’a, stressing that “the targeting process is consistent with international humanitarian law and customary rules”.
The attacks came days after the Houthis terrorist attacked the Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia, with two rockets injuring 26
people, on Wednesday. Said A spokesman for the coalition forces in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, He added that On Friday, the Saudi air defenses
intercepted and dropped drone aircraft launched by the Houthis towards Abha International Airport.

UAE Red Crescent is preparing to organize the third mass wedding in Yemen

Emirates Red Crescent sends relief convoy to the remote villages in Yemen
With support from the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Red Crescent Authority in Hadramout has completed its preparations for organizing the third
mass wedding in Hadramout for 200 young men and women on Thursday at the Mukalla Directorate.
The UAE red crescent prepared and finalized all its arrangements to organize this collective wedding at the Mukalla Directorate on Thursday in a
traditional artistic ceremony for the wedding of 200 couples in Hadramout Governorate.
The event is a response from the UAE to the needs of the Yemeni arena to support and meet their needs and help them to facilitate their social needs
in light of the difficult conditions experienced by the country because of the Houthis war and alleviate their suffering especially that the weddings are very costly in Yemen.
The UAE Red Crescent works according to a plan to organize collective weddings throughout the country, in support of young people who face great
challenge that marriage is in Yemen.

Yemen: We are fighting with UAE to “Defend Arabism” in the face of Iran’s ambitions

Yemeni Army Makes Progress in Sanaa Province
The head of the internationally recognized government of Yemen, Moin Abdulmalik, arrived in Abu Dhabi on Monday.
Abdulmalik was received at Abu Dhabi airport by UAE Minister of International Cooperation Reem Al Hashemi and other officials. The Prime Minister is
scheduled to discuss with Emirati leaders the latest developments in the Yemeni file at various levels.
“Yemen and the UAE are fighting together with the Iranian project based on sectarianism and feeding conflicts in the Arab region,” Abdulmalik said in a
statement to the press, describing his visit as “historic” and “strategic.
He said Yemeni and UAE forces were fighting side by side in the “battle to defend Arabism in the face of Iranian ambitions.”
The visit came under the frame of cooperation. Moin Abdulmalik thanked the government and the people of the UAE for their financial and military
support, he said that Yemen is grateful the UAE especially for its humanitarian support through the UAE red crescent and other organizations, pointing out that the UAE rec crescent is always the first organization to reach the field in Yemen whenever needed.

Yemen’s youth aspire to peace and development despite ongoing violence

Despite years of conflict, many young Yemenis still actively participate in their society and look forward to lasting peace and development for their war-torn country.
In the southern port city of Aden, the Yemeni capital, many young people keep a clear view of what their country should be, and a future free of military conflicts and political divisions.
Some young people voluntarily organized a cultural event as the first event to promote peace, security and development in the strategic coastal city of Aden and other neighboring liberated from the Houthis backed by Iran.
Members of the Yemen Youth and Children’s Government attended the cultural event held in Aden and spoke to the press about their aspirations for peace, security, and development, after years of bloodshed caused by the
They said that the on-going conflict has created many repercussions and obstacles that have prevented many young people from shaping the future of their country and any contributions to peaceful activities.
Yahya al-Tabaki, justice minister of Yemen’s youth and children’s government, said many young Yemenis were suffering from the effects of years of conflict between Yemeni government forces and the Houthi terrorist group allied to Iran.
“Many young people suffer psychological problems after participating in armed confrontations and others have joined illegal activities such as dealing with drugs,” Yahya said.
“The Huthi militias continue to use force to recruit children who have nothing to do with the conflict.” Yahya urged warring factions in Yemen to engage in serious political negotiations to end the escalating conflict in

various parts of the impoverished Arab country.
Yemen’s civil war, which erupted in 2015, has caused one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises, as well as the destruction of its infrastructure and historical monuments.
Zayed Abdul Hakim Mana, who is a minister of culture in Yemen’s youth and children’s government told the press that the majority of Yemeni youth were fed up with the Houthi continuous violence.
The Houthis allied to Iran launched a major military campaign and took control of the capital Sana’a in late 2014, forcing Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government to flee to the southern port city of
Saudi Arabia intervened with other Arab states militarily and against the Houthi group in March 2015 in response to a formal request from President Hadi to protect Yemen and defeat Iranian influence.
The internal military conflict between the Iranian-backed Houthis and Yemeni government has recently entered its fifth year, increasing the suffering of Yemenis and deepening the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
More than 22 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance, including 8.4 million people struggling to find food.

UAE rescue 1850 families homeless in Yemen

Houthi Militantys have killed the Stockholm agreement, says Yemeni Army Spokesperson
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has provided food aid and shelter materials to flood victims in several liberated Yemeni governorates as part of the country’s emergency response campaign to help flood victims in Yemen.
The campaign began with the urgent deployment of the UAE Red Crescent volunteer teams in a number of streets and neighborhoods of Aden to drain water in Lahj and Abyan also, to see the conditions of their people and their
the situation, and to implement a quick response to meet their needs.
The campaign reached the Mashqafa, Baitra, and Shukani camps in Lahj governorate as well as the Kode camp in Abyan governorate. The volunteer teams distributed food aid and shelter materials to tents and tarps, targeting 1850 families.
Exceptional initiative
The UAE Red Crescent representative in Yemen said that the emergency response campaign launched by the UAE in Aden and the neighboring governorates are an exceptional initiative, in accordance with the directives of our wise leadership and an extension of the humanitarian work provided to the brothers in Yemen. To help them manage the damage caused by rain and wind.
He explained that the campaign worked to drain water from the streets in Aden, in addition to providing relief and shelter assistance to the camps in a number of Yemeni provinces.
For his part, Zaki Ali Hassan, who is in charge of the Al- Mashqafa camp in Lahj, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the UAE for its initiative and assistance. He added that this is what we are accustomed to from our brothers in the
UAE! rushing to help the needy people.

He added that they received assistance in food baskets, tents, and tarpaulins, which will contribute to providing shelter for women, children and the elderly, pointing out that the camp was affected by heavy rains and strong

For their part, the beneficiaries of the aid in Abyan and Lahj expressed their joy at the arrival of this relief, which will alleviate their suffering, pointing out that it came at a time when they were most in need.
They are grateful for this humanitarian gesture, which is not new. The assistance provided to them is a breakthrough in the situation they are living because of the war of the Huthi militias.
The residents of the camp expressed their gratitude and thanks to the UAE’s humanitarian efforts and support in this difficult situation, one of the camp officials explained that the UAE Red Crescent was the first to respond to the
call for relief by the residents of the camp. He added: While all the international organizations were absent, the UAE red Crescent attended and provided people with all the shelter and food they need. This is not strange to our brothers in the UAE.

Mansour bin Zayed, Yemeni PM discuss progress on UAE humanitarian projects in Yemen

yemen and uae flag

H.H.Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, received on Thursday going to Yemeni Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik, to talk about progress on humanitarian, developmental and economic projects carried out by the UAE in Yemen.


The meeting, which was held at the Presidential Place, additionally touched on bilateral ties and cooperation.


Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi, Minister of the Federal Supreme Council at the Ministry of Presidential Circumstances, along with a number of senior officials attended the meeting.

UAE signed a $100 million contract with Yemen to build a power plant in Aden

power plant
The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works signed an agreement with Yemen’s Ministry of Electricity to implement a $100 million power plant in Aden.
The agreement comes within the framework of UAE programs to support the electric power sector implemented by the UAE in Yemen, Aden.
Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi, Minister of Supreme Council Affairs in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Vice President of the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Foundation for Humanitarian Works, said: “$100 million has been approved for the construction of a power plant and the development of the electricity
network. The capacity will be about 120 megawatts and will be operational in late 2019. “
He added that “we are facing with our brothers in Yemen in country reconstruction challenge in order to rebuild state institutions and face catastrophic economic and humanitarian consequences of the
Houthis putsch, reminding the press of the UAE’s active and strong contribution and will to support humanitarian development and relief efforts.

Yemen: Houthis Mines killed 5 members of a fleeing family

The mines planted by the Houthis in Yemen continue to take civilian lives and increase their suffering for the past 5 years of war.
Yemeni citizen Ibrahim Hassan Ali is one of the thousands of Yemenis who have witnessed closely and lived the scourge of war and its painful effects on civilians. JADWAL, aged 58, while living in the city of Hodeidah west
of the country, was forced to leave his home and property because of the outbreak of clashes there, to resort to a camp in the city of Marib.
During his escape to Marib, the Yemeni elderly lost 5 members of his family of 10, because of the Houthis mines on the road, to continue his life with the remaining 5 refugees in the camps.
Ibrahim Hassan Ali said that their lives changed dramatically after the clashes reached the areas where they used to live in the city of Hodeidah.
He added that with the control of the Huthis group on the countryside of Hodeidah where they lived, their living conditions worsened.
He explained that residents are unable to leave their homes because of the dangerous situation outside and the continues risk of death.
He pointed out that the lack of water was one of the biggest crises they experienced in rural Hodeidah.
He said that the relief organizations can’t access the control of the area by the Houthis, life became a humanitarian crisis and the population is suffering and dying out of hunger and poverty.
After the situation worsened in the area where he lived in rural Hodeidah, he decided to go to a refugee camp in the city of Marib, that he reached months ago with the remaining members of his family.
5 members of his family were killed as they were moving from the countryside of Hodeidah to Marib due to the explosion of mines planted by the Houthi.
The Yemeni citizen stressed that all those who lost their lives from his family were civilians, indicating that they could not give their bodies to bury them in a decent way, the Houthis didn’t allow that.
After hours of negotiations with the Houthi, he managed to reach the bodies of his family members and bury them in the vicinity of the site of the explosion of mines.
Regarding the circumstances in which he had taken refuge in Marib, the Yemeni resident said that he had been subjected to several difficulties and risks during the course of his escape, as he had to pass through the areas of
control of the Huthis.
He pointed out that their arrival to Marib took 5 days, and a part of their travel was on foot.

UAE provides new support to Aden security department in Yemen

uae flag
The United Arab Emirates has provided new support to the security department in the Yemeni capital of Aden.
The commander of the police cell of the Arab Coalition Forces in Aden on Wednesday morning, 12-6-2019, handed over a security protection vehicle to the Criminal Investigation Department.
The Director-General of Aden Security, General Shalal Ali Shaya, valued the support provided by the United Arab Emirates for security in Aden.
He said that the support provided by the United Arab Emirates contributed to the advancement of the security apparatus as a whole, because of the service as war almost disabled due to lack of resources.
He added: that the UAE took care of the rehabilitation of facilities for police stations and civil defence also trained many security cadres in various
departments and facilities and provided us with equipment, machinery on a continuous basis and contributed to the support of the return of the
security apparatus.
He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the countries of the Arab alliance, especially the UAE, which accompanied the logistical and military
support from the outset.

Arab Coalition Launches Emergency Relief Campaign Following Floods in Yemen


The Arab Coalition to Recover Legitimacy in Yemen on Monday launched an emergency relief campaign, and an air bridge, to alleviate the struggling of these subject to heavy rain and floods in Aden and environment areas in Yemen.

Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, Spokesperson for the Coalition, claimed that the coalition was offering food, medicine, housing materials, reopening roads, draining flooded streets and residential areas, repairing electricity networks, spraying insecticides for post-flood pest management, and also offering shelter for replaced Yemenis in camps in Aden, Lahj and nearby cities.

In collaboration with the Combined Forces of the Yemeni Lawful Aid Coalition, both The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center(KSRelief), along with the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen(SDRPY), are involved in the Coalition’s emergency relief campaign.

For his part, Yemen’s Minister of Local Administration praised the Coalition’s quick reaction to the damage due to the floods and also preserved that the Yemeni government works in close coordination with donors to address the requirements of these subject to heavy rain and also floods.