UN envoy to Yemen arrives in Sanaa

UN Cements Peace Deal with Yemen creating breakthrough to avoid battles
The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, arrived Sunday in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, in a new attempt to push forward the implementation of the Stockholm agreement.
The UN envoy landed in Sana’a with an official delegation. Griffith will hold meetings with officials of the Houthi militia, to discuss the need to implement the Stockholm agreement as to the first step towards a political solution in Yemen.
The Yemeni government agreed on December 13 with the Houthis in the Swedish capital Stockholm to resolve the situation in Hodeidah province by withdrawing all parties from the city and its ports, in addition to agreeing to exchange about 16 thousand prisoners and detainees from both sides.
Although nearly five months after the UN-sponsored agreement was held, it is still not respected and applied.

UAE offers medicines and medical supplies to a hospital in Yemen

The ERC provides medical assistance to hospital in Hadramaut
The UAE Red Crescent announced the provision of medicines and medical supplies to a Yemeni hospital in the desert of Hadramout province.
The statement quoted Red Crescent representative in Hadramout Hamid al-Shamsi saying that the drugs provided to a hospital in Ramah district in the province “are part of efforts to ease the burden on Yemeni citizens and provide free medical needs.”
The UAE has been a key member of the Saudi-led military alliance in Yemen since March 2015 in support of government forces in the face of Iranian-backed Huthi rebels.

UN accesses key wheat silos in Yemen’s Hodeida

Yemen’s Army shoots down fourth Houthi drone in Nihm district

The United Nations regained access to donated grain stored in the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Sunday and began the activity of salvaging food that may prevent hunger for numerous people before it rots.

Hodeidah, that has become the concentrate of a four-year conflict between Saudi-backed government causes along with the Iran-aligned Houthis, is the entry point for most of Yemen’s humanitarian aid and commercial imports.

However World Food Programme(WFP) grain stores there has been stopping for eight months, putting 51,000 tonnes of wheat at risk of rotting. The stores emerged under the control of government forces after fierce wars last year however a major frontline is just a few blocks away.

The conflict has killed tens of thousands and place Yemen on the brink of famine.

A WFP specialized crew arrived in the eastern outskirts of Hodeidah on Sunday to start clearing and servicing machine in preparation for milling grain.

Origins aware of the issue said the WFP-led crew traveled from the government-held southern port city of Aden along the western coast, staying away from Houthi-controlled areas after the cluster refused them gain access to from the north, which it controls.

The Houthis and the government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi consented in December to a U.N.-sponsored truce and also troop withdrawal from Hodeidah. That arrangement has mainly organized yet violence has escalated in a few other areas of the nation.

WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel said its priority was to begin cleaning and servicing milling machinery and fumigating the wheat.

The U.N. expects that process to take few weeks prior to starting to mill it into flour and also distributing it to the Yemeni communities nearly all in need.

An evaluation performed in February, while the U.N. was quickly permitted the use of the mills for the first time since September, concluded that around 70 percent of the wheat might be salvageable.

However the flour produce will be less than regular since weevil infestation possesses caused hollow grains, the U.N. said, based on that evaluation.

Discussions aimed toward protecting a mutual military abstaining from Hodeidah possess stalled in spite of U.N. efforts.

Yemeni government officials blame it on the Houthis of violating the peace contract when the Houthis state they need ensures the government will never benefit from it to redeploy its forces.

Under the offered abstaining, a government escape will release use of the Red Sea Mills and humanitarian corridors might additionally be reopened. The warring edges will still have to agree which road could be utilized to transport items from the site to recipients.

Saudi Arabia along with the United Arab Emirates are leading the military coalition support Hadi’s government.

Emirates Red Crescent signs two agreements to support the health sector in the coast of Hadramout

Emirates Red Crescent sends relief convoy to the remote villages in Yemen
The Directorate of Al Shahr witnessed the signing of two agreements for the rehabilitation and maintenance of Al Shahr General Hospital building and Blood Bank Center at Ibn Sina Hospital, Hadramout Coast, funded by the UAE Red Crescent Authority.
The agreements come within the framework of the efforts of the United Arab Emirates and its support for health and humanitarian projects in the province of Hadramout and the various governorates of Yemen liberated in conjunction
with the Year of Tolerance Hamid Rashid Al Shamsi, Director of Humanitarian Affairs and the representative of the UAE Red Crescent Authority said that
project is an embodiment of the UAE’s interest and leadership to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen and to enhance the initiatives are undertaken by the Authority to alleviate the suffering of the population and support infrastructure projects to cope with the difficult conditions, they live in.
He stressed that these agreements come within the framework of continued health and humanitarian support And to improve the performance of hospitals in Hadramout, to upgrade the level of health services and support infrastructure projects in liberated governorates.
The Director-General of Al Shahr Directorate Amin Barzeeq expressed his great thanks to the United Arab Emirates for its projects to support infrastructures, services, relief, and health.

Can US withdrawal from Yemen transform UN-led cease-fire into a lasting peace?

Yemen, which has been battling to achieve normalcy for over a decade, is torn between two warring sides. One side is led by Iran-backed Houthi militants and the other is led by Saudi-backed Yemen’s ousted government. According to the UN, Yemen is undergoing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, 60,000 non-combatants and combatants lost their lives during the crisis and more than 10 million are suffering from starvation.
Many US political analysts and political leaders, including the former US Vice  President Joe Biden, have unified their voice against US’s support to its ally  Saudi Arabia in the Yemen War. Last month, the critics of the Yemen crisis passed a war resolution to force US President Donald Trump to end US involvement in the war.
They argue, that with the US backing out, the number of killings and violence would decrease, and eventually, the war would end with a peaceful settlement. This version of the solution seems morally and strategically correct but how effective is it is the question. In all probability, this solution of ending US involvement is least likely to bring the Yemen war and its complications to an end.
Some of the political analysts of the Middle East region believe that neither the US and nor the withdrawal of Saudi forces would lead to a negotiated settlement. Instead, the fighting would continue, worsening cent Yemenis until one side (which currently seems to be won).
Ideally, both the sides would quit the war and come to the table, only when they see that none of them is winning in this war. Unfortunately, Yemen’s antagonistic forces haven’t reached that state of either exhaustion or realization.
On Thursday the US Senate failed to override resolution that would have required him to end the US backing Saudi forces in the Yemen crisis. Despite the loss, critics of the war pledged to keep fighting to end the US involvement. US needs to act quite contrary to the voice of those critics, which is rising in the corridors of US Senate, asking it to back off. The need of the hour increases the support for the Saudi forces to push down the militant extremists backed by Iran.
Houthis need to given an equal fight to make them honor their commitments to the UN and agree to disgorge most of their initial conquests.

The United Arab Emirates continues to help the people of the ancient city of Taiz with A NEW FOOD AID PROJECT

Emirates Red Crescent distributes food aid in Hadramaut
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to help and support the people of the old city of Taiz province by providing them with the necessary humanitarian assistance after the city’s neighborhoods have been attacked with armed attacks that caused civilian damages to the property of the population.
The UAE Red Crescent, in turn, has helped 500 families of residents of Al-Dhahiriya, Al-Muzaffar and Hara Nuri in the old city with 500 food baskets benefiting 3600 individuals suffering the armed violence that has been inflicted on several neighborhoods in the old city.
These humanitarian works are an extension of the intervention of the UAE Red Crescent Authority to provide emergency relief to the people of the old city.

Yemeni fishermen demand protection from Iran’s SAFIZ

Yemeni fishermen called on the legitimate government and the leadership of the Arab coalition, the United Nations and the international community to intervene immediately to rescue them from the Iranian ship Safiz, which has taken over the coast of Yemen and caused more than 100 fishermen to die because of the mines it cultivates.
Which led to the disruption of the activity of 30 thousand other fishermen and the deprivation of hundreds of thousands of families from their only source of income.
“The presence of the Iranian ship Safiz threatens the lives of the fishermen, along the western coast of Yemen, by the proliferation of landmines and booby-trapped boats that have killed dozens,” the statement said, disrupting the activity of thousands of them and depriving hundreds of thousands of
practicing the profession of fishing, which is their only source of income, which exacerbates the humanitarian situation in the coastal provinces.
“We are here today to address the conscience of the world and the international organizations concerned, as well as the countries of the Arab coalition and the legitimate authority,  led by President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi to pay attention to the situation of fishermen as a result of what the Iranian ship is doing in the waters of the Red Sea and put an end to their continuous suffering since the beginning of the war.”
“We will not remain indifferent to those who deprive us of the right to live in dignity. We will continue to escalate our protests so that the world can take care of our suffering and appeal to all sides in Yemen, the region and the world to force the ship Safiz to leave.
The fishermen declared the crew of the ship “Saviz” and all those responsible for the loss of lives of fishermen from the sea mines, demanding the opening of a case for all violations suffered by fishermen and damage caused by the continued presence of the Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

In Yemen, six civilians were killed, suspected Al-Qaeda bombing

Along with children, six civilians were killed in Yemen on Friday while a roadside bomb considered to be placed by al-Qaeda moved off in the country’s southeast, a Yemeni security official mentioned.

Around six other people were harmed in the blast, the second attack within a week in an al-Qatn village in the wide Hadramaut area.

Al Qaeda’s local affiliate in Yemen, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ( AQAP ), has taken advantage of civil conflict between the Iran-aligned Houthi group and President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s Saudi-backed government to enhance its position in the impoverished country.

AQAP works in many provinces in the south and eastern Yemen, together with Abyan, Shabwa, and al-Bayda.


UAE to open 24th fishing center on West Coast in Yemen

3000 Fishermen Living in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast Get Work Opportunities Because of UAE
The UAE opened the 24th fishing center on the west coast of Yemen in the Hassi Salem district of Al-Mukha Directorate after completing its rehabilitation and providing it with an integrated solar energy system.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in the West Coast said that more than 720 fishermen in the areas of Hassi Salem, Dar Al Shajaa, Green and Al Qansiyah will benefit from the new fish landing center, which is part of the 2019 Tolerance projects and activities in the western coast of Yemen.
Mohammed Al-Shazli, representative of the local authority in Al-Mukha confirmed that the fishing center in Hassi Salem will contribute significantly to improving the living of more than 5 thousand individuals. He pointed out that the UAE has continuously worked hard to introduce happiness to the hearts of Yemenis through its implementation and support for various service and development projects.
Yemeni fishermen said that the fish landing center gave a great moral impetus to them to return to the practice of fishing, marketing, and sale of fish in order to achieve an increase in per capita income.

UAE starts a campaign to distribute 100,000 food baskets to families of martyrs, fleeing and poor people in Yemen

Emirates Red Crescent supplies food aids in Shabwa, Yemen
The United Arab Emirates launched a campaign to distribute food baskets to the families of martyrs and the fleeing persons in the camps and to the poorest in all liberated governorates of Yemen.
The campaign coincides with the coming of the holy month of Ramadan and targets 100,000 families with 700,000 people, who will be provided with food during the holy month of Ramadan.
The campaign was launched this morning in Rabat camp for the fleeing people in Lahj province in the presence of the representative of the UAE Red Crescent “Sultan Al Shamsi” and the Deputy Governor of Lahj, Mr. Salah Al-Daoudi.
The Coordinator of the Office of the Martyrs in Lahj province praised the fact that this food basket is not the first. The families of the martyrs in Lahj governorate have beneficiated in previous periods, and what makes this batch special is that it coincides with the coming of the holy month Ramadan, that requires a lot of food and good nutrition, this campaign will contribute to reducing the suffering of families and children of martyrs, In light of rising food prices.