UAE: A Support to the various Yemeni governorates on the occasion of Ramadan

Red Crescent Sends Relief Convoy to Yemen’s Abyan district
Fawaz al-Hanashi, the Media Coordinator of the UAE Red Crescent, said that the United Arab Emirates launched a massive relief campaign for the areas of the fronts in Al-Mesaimer in Lahj and Al-Azraq governorates in Al-Dalea
governorate as well as Al-Qadha area in Taiz governorate. , “And there is a large campaign to relief those affected by the conflict in these border areas because of the attack by the militia Houthi during the past days.”
Al-Hanashi added that food parcels and shelter materials have been provided. “A campaign will be launched over the next two days also there will be the distribution of more than 100,000 food baskets benefiting 100,000 families in most of the liberated governorates, generous support will be provided to the martyrs’ families in cooperation with local authorities in various governorates. “He said.

In Yemen UN ‘alarmed’ over migrant conditions

Houthi rebels are blocking the vital cholera vaccines from reaching Yemen

The U.N.migration organization raised voice concern over the problem of African migrants in Yemen amid reports of eight deaths from cholera in a detention center.


The International Organization for Migration said in a statement Thursday that the victims predominantly Ethiopian were among over 1,400 individuals held at a detention center near the port city of Aden, wherein minimum 200 cholera instances were identified.


The IOM statement says it’s “alarmed” by reports of migrants dying of preventable sickness, being shot and struggling additional heartless therapy in makeshift detention centers.


Migrants from the Horn of Africa visit Yemen en route to jobs in the oil-rich Gulf in spite of the four-year conflict between a Saudi-led coalition and Iran-linked Houthi rebels.

Houthi militia worsens civilian struggling for political purposes

Yemen asks United States to mark Houthis militants as Foreign Terrorist group

The Houthis keep intensifying the humanitarian crisis in a desperate try to affect the international community by holding food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.


With the consideration of the holy month of Ramadan, the Houthis had rushed up to their attacks on provide lines of these provinces in order to interrupt the arrival of food and intensify the humanitarian tragedy.


The Houthis have intensified civilian struggling in numerous Yemen’s regions, Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Thursday.


Based on a current statement issued by the Higher Relief Committee, the Houthis still worsen the humanitarian crisis in an attempt to affect the international community by blocking food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.

Humanitarian aid from Emirates to support the fleeing residents of the Torsa area of Azraq

In Yemen’s Aden 8500 Food Baskets Distributed To Families
An Emergency Response to support people fleeing areas of conflict destroyed by the Huthi militias against civilians in various governorates, The United Arab  Emirates (UAE) dispatched today a convoy of humanitarian aid-carrying food to the residents of Torsa district.
The distribution targeted areas that have seen battles and confrontations with the militias of Houthi, the past two days within the boundaries of the Directorate of Maawia in Taiz.
The campaign began yesterday in Al-Mesaimir area in Lahj province and continues today in the Dali’s and Taiz governorates, where the areas affected by the conflict are being targeted by the Huthi militias against civilians in various governorates.
The United Arab Emirates and its field teams are always
proactive in sending aid to the affected areas as the first
humanitarian organization.

Yemeni Vice President: Houthis insist and persist on creating chaos and crisis

Yemen’s Government accuses Houthi Rebels for seizing aids
The Vice President of the Republic of Yemen, Lieutenant General Ali Mohsen Saleh said that the Sweden agreements, especially those related to al-Hodeidah, were hindered by the procrastination of the Huthi militias, their intransigence and their insistence on creating a further crisis.
This came during a meeting with US Ambassador Matthew Toler on Wednesday to discuss the developments in the Yemeni arena and the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the ways to strengthen them and develop them, especially
in the military field and the fight against terrorism.
The Yemeni Vice President stressed that the Huthi militias care about nothing but war, deliberately multiply the suffering of people and loot public and private rights and practice various violations and looting of relief and humanitarian aid. He pointed to the legitimate efforts led by President Abd-Rabo Mansour Hadi to stabilize security and stability and to normalize the situation,
And to reduce the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis and the quest for peace.
Saleh reiterated the legitimacy of the principle of lasting peace based on the three references, namely the Gulf Initiative and its the executive mechanism, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Security Council Resolution 2216.
For his part, the US ambassador reiterated his country’s support for the legitimacy and security and stability of Yemen and the achievement of lasting peace based on the three references.

UAE relief convoy arrives in the city of Qalqilya in Socotra

The United Arabs Emirate keeps on supporting Yemen people through the humanitarian crisis they are going throughout because of the Houthis war.
Very present o the field UAE rescue the populations of cities and villages destroyed by the Houthis and keep on trying bringing to life Yemen.
The UAE red crescent continues providing food and aid and doubles the efforts since the holy month of Ramadan will start in 3 days.
The red crescent launched a project called: “feeding a fasting person” And as part of this project supervised and funded by the Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Work in Socotra, the Foundation organized a plan through which it will cover all areas of the archipelago in order to deliver food baskets to the people of the
In the course of that work, the Foundation today ran a relief convoy to the city of Qalansiya, northwest of Socotra Hoping to help the people of Yemen to have a normal RAMADAN.

UAE launches Qataba water project in West Coast of Yemen

The UAE launched the Strategic Water Project in Al-Qataba area, Al-Khokha Directorate of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, in the context of its rapid response to meet the needs of the people of the West Coast of Yemen.
The project included the rehabilitation and equipping of an artesian well, a 100,000-liter water tank, a 36,000-meter water network, a plunger, and an integrated solar system.
The Director of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent in Yemen, Mohammed Al-Junaibi, said that this strategic the project, which oversees the implementation of the Commission, is one of the most important projects implemented in the Directorate of
Al-Khokha, to reduce the suffering of families from lack of clean water.
For his part, the Director General of the Directorate of Al-
Khokha, Chairman of the Local Council, Mohammed Yahya Abdul Salam, said that the United Arab Emirates implemented a large number of projects in health, education, water, and electricity, including all villages and districts of the Directorate, noting that the water project of Kataba will serve more than 15 thousand people in
the region.
For their part, the people praised the great role played by the UAE to re-normalize life, through the implementation of a number of vital projects along with the villages and regions and cities of the West Coast.

Houthi militias continue to violate education

Saudi Coalition and its Yemeni allies score big advance in Yemen
Educational sources in Sanaa said that the Houthi militias are giving their students a high grade in junior and high school as a counterpart to their presence on the front lines.
The militias allowed their students to enter the examination hall without studying or attendance, and to carry papers allowing them access by the group’s supervisors.
Teachers and officials said that although some educators objected to the tactics, orders from the Houthi militia leaders to school administrators allowed these students to enter.
They explained that the militias delete lessons and decisions in the curriculum, and allowed fighters to enter the examination room, without having any knowledge or attendance.
The teachers emphasize that the educational process in the areas of control of the Houthi militias is witnessing an
unprecedented collapse, with the systematic destruction by the Houthis, in the pursuit of the implementation of the imported agenda, a change of thought and identity with an Iranian tendency imported.

UAE Continues Urgent Relief Campaign for Azharq

UN Lauds Saudi Aid Center’s Humanitarian Role in Yemen
In the context of the urgent response to support people fleeing areas of conflict and Attacks launched by the Huthi militia on civilians in various provinces, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) today dispatched today a convoy of humanitarian aid-carrying food for the residents of Torsa
The distribution targeted the areas that have seen battles and confrontations with the militias of Al-Houthi the past two days within the boundaries of the Directorate of Maawia in Taiz.
The campaign began yesterday in Al-Mesaimir area in Lahj province and continues today in the Dali’e and Taiz governorates, where the areas affected by the conflict.
The United Arab Emirates and its field teams are always proactive in sending aid to the affected areas and are the first humanitarian organization to reach.

Saudi led Coalition returns Yemeni families to villages liberated from Houthi militias

Yemen Can’t Achieve Peace Till South’s Wish to Divide from North Is Heard, Says MPs

One hundred families have returned to their homes after the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen liberated places from the control over Iranian-backed Houthi militias.

Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki stated on Monday that the Yemeni National Army with the assistance of the coalition seized back areas of Saada in the north-west of the country.

Therefore, residents forcibly replaced from their farms and also homes in 12 villages in the Wadi Abu Jabara region, were permitted to give back. Al Maliki stated the coalition needed allocating a unique delegation to supervise the resettlement operation.

Al-Maliki noted that Houthi militias needed unsuccessfully attempted to affect the House of Representatives with the aid of drones. “We keep focus on the militias’ drones in Sanaa,” he stated.

The military spokesman added that the Houthis needed to be continued to threaten to blow up a suspended crude oil tank, an behave which might result in an environment and also a financial disaster.

In every its procedure, Al-Maliki pressured that the coalition was carrying out everything it likely could to stay away from civilian casualties.

He additionally showed the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief ) was launching a second voluntary health care procedure to perform heart surgery and catheterization for Yemeni children.

“This campaign belongs to a series of numerous voluntary promotions performed by the center in Yemen and other countries,” said Al-Maliki. 

health care team delivered to the port city of Mukalla done 95 heart procedures along with a profitable pediatric catheterization procedure. Al-Maliki stated the surgery needed state of the art health care tools and also professional groups, the price of that was protected by relief.

Al-Maliki stated the total number of Houthi violations of the Swedish contract had reached 3, 811. Militias were still growing mines that threatened worldwide delivery paths in the southern Red Sea.

There were 226 ballistic missiles launched by Houthi terrorists towards Saudi Arabia between March 26, 2015, and April 29 this year.

Numerous relief ports are open for Yemen (air, sea, land), and the amount of maritime allows issued by the Combined Forces Order from June 26, 2015, to April 29, 2019, was 5, 713. Air permits for the identical period were permitted for 15, 168 passengers.

There were 1, 357 land allows during this time period. Allows and orders to obtain the movements of relief organizations inside Yemen from April 22 to 28, 2019, topped 332.

Entire Houthi weapon losses from April 15 to 29, 2019, were 200 and the number of Houthis dead was 1, 002.