Hodeidah:A Houthi infiltration thwarted east Duraimi

The joint forces thwarted on Sunday a failed infiltration attempt by Houthi coup militias on their positions east of the city of Duraimi in Hodeidah, western Yemen.

According to the military media of the joint forces in the west coast, the Houthi militias have attacked the joint forces positions using heavy and medium weapons and snipers after midnight on Saturday. He stressed that the joint forces foiled the houthi attempts of infiltration the militias after monitoring their movements accurately.

Houthi militias targeted joint forces positions in the western province of Hodeidah as part of their daily violations of the UN ceasefire. A military source said that the Houthi militia targeted joint resistance positions, in the mountainous area of Tahita district south of Hodeidah, using medium weapons. He pointed out that the elements of the Houthi militia, opened fire with machine guns on the positions of joint forces in the mountain, in an explicit indication of its continued rejection of the UN truce.

The joint forces accused the Houthi militia of creating 19 trenches inside the city of Hodeidah, most of them near the ceasefire checkpoints, which were installed under the supervision of the head of the UN mission, General Abhijit Goha last month and not more than ten days. It considered that “a flagrant violation of all agreements and understandings regarding its withdrawal from the city and ports of Hodeidah in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement.”

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