Houthi leaders killed in a violent attack by the army east of Sanaa

The Yemeni army revealed the killing of a number of field leaders of the Houthi militia and the liberation of new sites in the Nahham district, east of the capital, Sanaa.

The Media Center of the Yemeni Armed Forces, in a statement, said that the National Army, backed by the flights of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy, launched a violent attack on positions controlled by the revolutionaries in the Jarshab Front, north of the district of Neham.

The National Army was also able to liberate new sites, on Thursday evening, in the Jarashb-Majzar front, the most important of which was the severed red and the eastern tabernacles of the mills, according to the statement, which resulted in dozens of dead and wounded militias, including a leader called “Abu al-Abbas.”

In addition, coalition warplanes destroyed a Houthi armored vehicle in the Al-Mahzamat area with a number of militia leaders who hail from Haidan district in Saada Governorate, and they were called: Iyad Yahya Ahmed Al-Ayyani, Nassar Salman Ahmed Al-Hamas, Ali Yahya Ali Mufrah Al-Ayyani, Muhammad Ahmed Rafi Al-Ayani Saleh Mufreh Al-Ayani.

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