Houthi militia curbs peace in Yemen for Iran

The Houthi rebels are moving politically and militarily reversing the trend of peace in Yemen that has recently gained unprecedented momentum, a phenomenon that shows the direct reflection of their close association with the Iranian agenda, which is not the best path to solving conflicts peacefully and reducing tensions in the region.

Despite the financial and military fatigue of the rebel group and its definite need for peace, it appears forced to continue the war under pressure from Tehran.

The Houthi militia preceded the visit of UN Secretary-General’s Representative in Yemen, Martin Griffiths, on Sunday to the capital Sanaa under its control, with a barrage of rockets and a squadron of drones heading towards the west coast of Yemen.

There were strong signs of a peaceful solution

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman said last week that the kingdom was seeking a political settlement in Yemen and hoped the Riyadh agreement would open the door to broader peace talks, referring to a recent Saudi-sponsored agreement between the Southern Transitional Council and the government of President Abd Rabbo.

Griffith told the UN Security Council last Friday during his briefing on the situation in Yemen that there had been a significant reduction in the intensity of fighting in the country, up to 80 percent compared to what was previously.

In order to perpetuate the tension, they launched a rocket attack on the city of al-Mukha in western Yemen.

On Sunday, the Yemeni government condemned the Houthi group’s targeting of the government team’s residence in the Hudaydah Redeployment Coordination Committee.

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