Joint force stopped new Houthis militias development in Hodeida

The joint forces foiled an attempt to create a new site by Houthi militias along the seam lines in al-Jah district of Beit al-Faqih district in Hodeida province, west of Yemen, resulting on killing three Houthi elements and wounding 14 others.

According to the military media of the joint forces, the Special Task Force monitored and documented the movements of Houthi militia members who were trying to develop a site near the joint forces’ positions in the al-Jah area of ??Beit al-Faqih district, as well as the movement of a kit carrying a 14.5-caliber machine gun that the militias were attempting to install at the new site.

 The attempted militias had been vigorously confronted and the crew loaded with weapons destined for the area of ??the newly developed site had been destroyed.

The military media of the West Coast Front Joint Forces distributed sections of the monitoring and targeting of militia elements, as well as the crew that was targeted.

Three elements of the armed Houthi militiamen were killed and 14 others injured, during the thwart of the joint forces to try to infiltrate the Houthi in the area of ??al-Jah. Said The Media Center of the Giants Brigades, in a statement.

The statement quoted informed sources, confirming the arrival of the bodies of three dead and 14 wounded militiamen to a hospital in the city of Beit al-Faqih.

The joint forces accuse the Houthi militia of continuing the escalation and continuing violations of the UN truce in Hodeidah, which came into force at the end of last December, criticizing the silence of the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen and the monitoring mission for the continuation of these Houthi breaches, which they said threaten to undermine the peace process.

“The ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah was born handicapped and lived on artificial respiration for a year,” said Wadah al-Debaish, spokesman for the West Coast Joint Forces, referring to the difficulties encountered.

“Al-Houthi militias have leaned on the Swedish agreement and are taking cover from it to carry out their violations and escalate their dangerous and flagrant escalation.” Houthi militias have recently stepped up attacks on military and civilian sites in Hodeidah, despite the deployment of UN ceasefire monitoring points.

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