Many Houthi terrorists eliminated in Saada

The Arab coalition fighter jets launched a series of raids on Houthi militias in the Naqqa front in al-Safra district, north of Saada province, the main Houthi stronghold.

Dozens of people were killed and wounded in the Houthi terrorist militia.
Field sources said that the coalition fighter jets targeted, during the past hours, sites and fortifications of the Houthi militias in Shaja and Al-Hammad square in the Directorate of asfar.

The militias use these sites as a gathering point, build up reinforcements, and store weapons, as a springboard to attack the army’s forces in Safra.
The air strikes were dense and concentrated, and achieved its goals with high accuracy, and was able to destroy a number of barracks and fortifications belonging to the Houthi and their caches of weapons

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