147 organizations deplore international silence on Houthis crimes in Yemen

August 3, 2019

A joint statement issued by 147 civil society organizations denies the regional and international silence on the crimes of the Houthi terrorist militias against Yemeni civilians.

The statement issued by the Yemeni organizations condemned “the terrorist Huthimilitias committing a number of horrific crimes against humanity, deliberately killing them and targeting children and civilians”.

“We, the civil society organizations, condemn the fact that the Huthi militias committed a number of crimes against civilians, which confirm their intent to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, and direct them to kill and target children,” the statement said.

The organizations blamed the United Nations for its silence over the killings and bombings that led to the continuation of the militiasIn the perpetration of these crimes on a daily basis, taking advantage of the ambiguous positions of the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen, the actions of the militias in Aden are clear , it confirms and shows that the militias are not seeking peace and continue to commit crimes and violations of UN resolutions.

The Yemeni organizations stressed that “human life in Yemen above all political considerations are just words ,the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen and international organizations have a  staunch attitude towards the criminality and violations of the Houthi militias.”

The organizations called on the international community to express its position against the crimes of the Houthi militias, pointing out that “silence on these crimes is considered by the Houthi terrorist militias as a green light and a permission to continue committing crimes.”

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