1,55,000 Yemenis benefit from UAE water projects secure

November 1, 2019

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, has realized tangible achievements in securing drinking water on the west coast of Yemen by implementing 31 projects, between central, medium and limited strategic projects.

Around 155,678 people benefit from UAE projects distributed according to need and population density to secure life and enhance stability along the west coast.

This came within the framework of the humanitarian vision of the UAE and its wise leadership to alleviate the suffering of the brotherly Yemeni people, and normalize life in the liberated governorates, districts and areas of Yemen, especially in light of the disruption of state institutions and the blockage of the horizon due to the attacks of the Houthi terrorist militia.

The UAE Red Crescent Authority is preparing to open two vital water projects “Dhubab and Al Waziya Water”. With a length of 60 kilometers.

The Zobab water project comes as a lifeline for a coastal city that found itself without drinking water in light of the disruption of Yemeni state institutions.

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