1,673 Houthi mines were cleared in Yemen within a week

August 7, 2019

The Saudi Mine Clearance Project in Yemen announced the extraction of 1,673 houthisminesduring the last week of July2019 .

Among these mines were 4 antipersonnel mines, 1,350 anti-tank mines, 305 unexploded ordnance and 14 improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

He explained that the total mines cleared since the beginning of the project so far is  79,986 mines planted by the Houthi militias in schools and homes in Yemen hidden in different forms, colors and planted in different  ways , these mines have killed a large number of children and women.

The Yemeni government says engineering teams and regional and international programs have extracted nearly 500,000 mines and improvised explosive devices since the beginning of the war.

According to official statements, there are more than one million mines and explosive devices still planted and that have not been cleared.

A human rights report said that the Houthi militia, since its coup against the legitimate authority in September 2014, has adopted a systematic strategy in the use of mines and explosives of all kinds.

the cultivation of mines, which are a unique signature of the Houthi militias, made yemen “one of the largest minefields on earth.”

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