170 Houthis killed and wounded from in southern Yemen

May 7, 2019

-Amina Souafi(author)

More than 100 members of the Houthi terrorist group backed by Iran, including prominent field leaders, were killed and dozens more injured by Yemeni National Army during the battles in the northern fronts of the southern province of Dali.

A Yemeni military official confirmed that some 110 members of the Houthi militia, including prominent leader Sultan Hadi Mahfouz Daoud from the Erhab Sanaa region, and Munir Ali Ahmed Naji al-Qahouz from Amran governorate were killed, 60 were injured and three combat crews Of the terrorist militia were killed.

He explained that the Huthi militias were killed in clashes in the sectors north of the Directorate of Qataba.

The military official added that the Yemeni army forces with elements of the Popular Resistance, forced the militia elements to flee under a rain of attacks of medium and heavy weapons, what caused heavy losses in equipment and lives to the Houthis in the areas of Hamran, Al-Qaz, Qardh, Watta Al, Rishan, And the park west of Naqil al-Shim in north of the Directorate of Qataba.

The Yemeni army destroyed there PTR belonging to the terrorist Houthis backed by Iran in the villages of Hamr al-Sada and al-Qalaa killing those on board while they were approaching Qardha village north of Qatuba district.

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