18,000 People Have Been Relocated After Violent Clashes in Abs

April 11, 2019

Jaume Radó, Head of Mission for MSF’s operations stated that after a period of comparative calmness in north Abs, fierce fighting over the last several days has compelled 18,000 people to flee from their homes. There are now 50,000 dislodged people living in Abs and the adjoining area, with more people assumed to arrive if the situation worsens even more. 

In MSF’s hospital in Abs, medical teams saw a slight increase of war injured patients. This provision is the only structure offering secondary healthcare and life-saving medical services to more than 1.2 million people living in the region.

The main humanitarian needs of the newly dislocated people are immediate: a rise in medical aid is needed, as well as access to clean water, food, shelter, and basic relief items. The supply of water and sanitation services is of specific importance, going by the fact that Yemen is suffering a hike in cholera cases, aggravating the already crippled medical condition of the population.

MSF has a fully running cholera treatment centre in Abs and is presently establishing an additional facility if cases start to rise.

Jaume Radó, Head of Mission for MSF’s operations in Yemen stated that his teams are especially worried for people they still cannot reach because of security constraints. MSF requested all conflicting parties to guarantee the protection of civilians, medical staff and healthcare facilities, so that basic services can be offered to dislodge people and those injured in the conflict.

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