18000 Yemeni children used by the houthis as soldiers

September 12, 2019

An official United Nations statistics revealed that the Houthi militia recruited more than 18 thousand children under the legal age in a number of provinces. The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (Rasd) said yesterday (Wednesday), in a seminar on the sidelines of the meetings of the Human Rights Council in its 42nd session in Geneva: that most of the children are recruited from schools, educational and religious centers, especially in large cities

Human rights activist Dr. Arwa al-Khattabi said in a paper titled “Recruiting Children” that the Houthi militia relied on tribal sheikhs in rural areas to recruit children and put them on the fronts in exchange for money or  benefits or political positions for the sheikhs. He estimated the number of children killed since the outbreak of war sparked by the Houthi of about 6,000children,the recruitment of children is increasing.

Dr.Arwa called on the international community to take a firm stand to pressure the militia to stop recruiting children

Meanwhile, human rights activist and journalist Hamdan Al-Ali said that the militia hunts school students and turns them into soldiers and sends them to the fronts, which leads to changing the identity of the society and its ideology and spread its extremist ideology through schools.

The human rights activist Dr. Mawaheb Al-Hamzi explained in her paper entitled (Houthi methodology and ISIS methodology) that the Houthi Zeinabiyat practiced intimidating activists and jurists and recruiting children in a similar way to terrorist and Daesh groups, taking advantage of living conditions. She confirmed that the militias turned mosques into military barracks and weapons depots

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