18,000 Yemenis Receives Help from ERC Mobile Clinics Stationed on Red Sea Coast

January 21, 2019

UAE’s humanitarian arm, the ERC or better be known as the Emirates Red Crescent, launched its fourth free mobile clinic along Yemen’s Red Sea Coast. The mobile medical clinic was started by the ERC in order to offer basic health care and treatment services to the people living in the remote areas on the Red Sea Coast of the Hodeidah governorate.
Moreover, the mobile clinic was set up so that follow-up of chronic illness can be done; apart from providing first aid and primary care. The mobile clinic aims to lessen the suffering of the Yemeni people from that humanitarian situation that is plaguing Yemen.
The mobile clinic has already catered to 18000 Yemenis, which includes children, the elderly, as well as women. Dr. Moustafa Al Kazmi, Head of the Medical Team, mentioned that the mobile clinics in Al Ghuwairiq, At Tuhayat District, has been able to treat more than 80 medical cases, while stating that its staff comprises of a doctor, two assistants and a pharmacist, and it is outfitted with all forms of medical equipment as well as medicines.
Warda Al Ahdal, one of the assistant of the doctor’s, pointed that the backing offered by the fourth mobile clinic team was meant especially for the children, women as well as the elders. The mobile clinic also has the eagerness to offer free treatment and care.
Some of the receivers of these medical services expressed their admiration for the humanitarian role of the ERC in Al Ghuwairiq.
In September, the ERC started its first mobile clinic on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, which was followed by the opening of two other mobile clinics that offer free health services to school students.

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