19 Million Yemenis Don’t Have Any Access to Clean Water

January 24, 2019

According to some reports from the United Nations, about 19 million people in Yemen, which constitutes approximately two-thirds of the entire population, don’t have any access to clean water.

Yemen has been going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the world due to a conflict between the government forces. In the conflict which started way back in 2015, one government force was being backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition and the other group was Iran backed Houthi militia.

In fact, in Yemen, safe drinking water is very hard to locate. The situation got even more worsened with the outbreak of cholera.

According to latest reports, international aid agencies have urged for more help from other countries. Moreover, they are also looking for a long-term political solution; however, millions of Yemenis are grappling as the war among the two conflicting parties still continues.

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