21 killed, including two bodyguards of the Houthi leader

February 18, 2020

More than 18 Houthi elements were killed and others were wounded, on Sunday, while trying to infiltrate the national army positions in Al-Jawf governorate, northeast of Yemen.

A military source said, “The national army in the Jarshab mountain range repelled an attack by groups of Houthi militias that tried to infiltrate the army’s positions,” noting that the operation resulted in the death of more than 18 Houthi elements and the wounding of others.

The source added, “The coalition aircraft launched several accurate and direct air strikes on the Al-Ghail front, the mills and the garrison targeting Houthi militia gatherings, a weapons store and combat vehicles, and the militias inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment,” according to the official Yemeni News Agency.

In the same context, three leaders of the Houthi militia have been killed, during the past two days, in confrontations with the Yemeni army in Al-Jawf Governorate.

Sources said, “The battles that broke out during the past two days resulted in the death of dozens of militias, most notably the Houthi leader and the personal guard of the militia leader Abdel-Malik al-Houthi, Hassan Abdullah Hanin al-Jaradi.” Also the death of the grandson of Imam Muhammad Abdullah Ali Hussein Hamid al-Din (also working as a bodyguard for the Houthi leader), in addition to the codified military leader Abu Taha Yahya al-Manbihi, one of the military leaders who received training in Iran, and the commander of brigade 417 border guards of the Houthi militia.

In addition, the Yemeni governor of Al-Jawf, Major General Amin al-Okimi, confirmed that the army forces are achieving great victories against the Houthi militias in various locations and fronts.

He said, “The battle of the National Army today is within the province of Sanaa,” noting that “the army forces are fighting violent battles with the Houthi militias in the mountainous chain southwest of Ghail, and the mountains of the sections adjacent to the Yam Mountains of Sanaa, in addition to the positions of the bunds overlooking the district of Magzar in Marib.”

Al-Jawf governorate witnessed fierce battles between the National Army forces supported by fighters of the Legitimacy Support Alliance, and between the Houthi militia militias in various fighting axes in Al-Jawf Governorate, in conjunction with similar battles on the Naham fronts east of Sanaa and Sarwah west of Marib.

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