22nd May Hospital Destroyed By the Houthis in Hodeidah

November 14, 2018

The Houthi militias, who are backed by Iran bombed and burned up the 22nd May Hospital in Hodeidah. The militias attacked the hospital while fleeing in an attempt for covering its successive defeats in Hodeidah and also to reveal the scorched earth policy and the act of targeting civilians. Many of the media sources took the view of the interiors of the hospital that have been destructed by the Houthi militias.

According to a soldier from the side of the Arab Coalition Forces, the Houthi militias also planted many mines that were Iran made at the entrance of the hospital along with burning and destroying different parts of it too. Some of the mines were also planted on the roads that connect them with the hospital and that resulted in the destruction of the full infrastructure. Yemeni National Resistance Fighters who are also known to be working with the joint Yemeni Resistance declared that the devastation of the government and public facilities and also of the infrastructure is a systematic tactic that is used by the militias to make the Yemeni people suffer for a prolonged period.

It was also mentioned by one of the resistance fighters that efforts that are going on are only for the purpose of liberating the entire country while to preserve the lives of the civilians who are innocent and they are simply being used by the militias as human shields. He also added, the hospital was burned up by the militias as an act of revenge for their successive defeats in Hodeidah. It was also pointed out that the militias looted the contents and medical equipments from the hospital out of that revenge too. Recently, the militias stormed inside the hospital to bring out all the medical staff and patients as part of the roof to human shields and they turned into a military base.