3000 Fishermen Living in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast Get Work Opportunities Because of UAE

March 5, 2019

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), which is the UAE’s humanitarian arm, inaugurated a fish landing centre in Al Kadha, Dhubab District, on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast. The fish landing centre was opened after it was rebuild, revamped and fitted with all kind of facilities.

The centre being the fifth of its kind to be launched within two weeks, out of 18 centers on the Red Sea Coast, to assist the local fishing sector. According to sources, the local fishing sector would provide 3,000 work scope for Yemeni fishermen.

Jamal Mohammed Ali Qassim, Director of the Fishermen Establishment in Al Kadha, in a statement stated that this crucial project will profit 12,000 people in Al Ghanjah, Al Kadha, Al Bahiyah, Al Jafer, and Al Nafitah. Jamal even stated that more than 300 fishing boats return to the dock each day carrying tens of tonnes of fish, because of the UAE’s support to the Yemeni fishermen and their families, as well as to other people living along the coast.

In a statement, the ERC representative informed that the project is one of the ERC’s many services and development projects and added that renovating the dock in Al Kadha will profit over 3,000 Yemeni fishermen and ameliorate the living condition of the fishermen. The dock would also benefit the families of fishermen and other residents of Al Kadha and adjoining areas.

Local fishermen conveyed their happiness at the opening of the project, which will escalate their income, boost fishing production, and expediting the marketing and exporting process while appreciating the ERC’s continuing attempts to develop local services sectors on the Red Sea Coast.

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