500 Million Dollars Pledged by the UAE for Yemen

February 27, 2019

The United Arab Emirates has pledged for Yemen a total of US$500 million. This falls under its commitment to ensuring peace and prosperity in the war-torn nation. These funds include the grants allocated to the agencies of the United Nations that support Yemen. They also include the bilateral commitments that UAE has with Yemen. The funds will be used for financing the various stabilization programs with the cooperation with several international and Yemeni partners.

The UAE has also called for the Stockholm peace accords to be respected. It has also promised robust support for rebuilding Yemen in the long-term.
Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, spoke at the UN pledging conference for Yemen. He stated that reasons exist for being optimistic about achieving hope and peace for Yemen and its citizens.
She also said that Emiratis, being close neighbors to Yemen, are dedicated to taking the lead in restoring the society and economy of Yemen. This is particularly vital for the people of Yemen and their youth to live in hope and dignity.
Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy also hoped that the pledge of the United Arab Emirates will inspire generosity among the international community. She also stated that the leadership of the UAE will go beyond funding and deliver the partnerships, determination and expertise required to rebuild Yemen.

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