6 Houthis died in Al-JoufIn an ambush of the Yemeni army

March 17, 2020

Six members of the Houthi coup militia were killed in an aired ambush east of Al-Hazm, theAl-Jawf Governorate capital, northeast of Yemen.

“The National Army carried out a tight ambush against a group of militia elements east of Al-Hazmcity, killing 6 of them and caught others confiscating the weapons and equipment in their possession,” the media center of the Yemeni armed forces said in a statement.

The statement quoted a military source as saying that among the confiscated equipment was a combat kit with various weapons and ammunition on board.

During the past few days, the National Army forces, with the air support of the Legitimacy Support Alliance fighters, succeeded in regaining control of strategic areas in the Khub Al-Sha`f district after battles during which the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses.

The Yemeni army spokesman, Brigadier AbdoMajali, confirmed that the militia had suffered a severe defeat on the Khob al-Sha`f fronts in al-Jawf governorate, explaining that the army controlled 85% of the area of Khub al-Sha`f, and 75% of the area of al-Jawf governorate.

He pointed to the orientation of the armed forces supported by tribesmen and coalition fighters towards completing the liberation of the remaining areas of Al-Jouf.

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