6 Saudi soldiers killed in clashes with Houthis

September 24, 2019

Six Saudi soldiers were killed while fighting the Houthi militias in the border areas.they had died in the southern border, Jazan.

coverage of the funeral and condolences to the six soldiers, were published in various news, and media channels.

Lieutenant Falah bin Saeed al-Jarabie, first lieutenant Abdul Rahman bin Tariq al-Khalifa, agent Sergeant Saad bin Nasser al-Qahtani, soldier Mohammed bin Hassan Mujami, soldier JarallahHadi bin Mubarak al-Qahtani, and soldier Abdul Rahman bin Hussein Ali Daghririall died in the battle field.

The killing of the six soldiers, happened amid series of killings and attacks operated against army and civilians by the Houthi militias in the past days, in the area of Malaheit of the province of Saada, on the border with Saudi Arabia Jizan.

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