75 Monitors to be Deployed to Hodeidah by United Nations Chief

January 9, 2019

Antonio Guterres the general secretary of United Nations has asked for an approval from the Security Council for deploying at least 75 monitors Hodeidah, at Yemen Port city. This is for monitoring a ceasefire that has taken place. The warring parties have also redeployed their forces at the location. This is why the UN chief wants to send monitors for the next six months.

The UN had sponsored a week for peace talks that had taken place in Sweden last month. This deal between the Houthi group and the Yemen government foes that are Saudi backed, have reached Hodeidah after a week of the peace talks. Hodeidah is the point through which most of Yemen’s aid supplies and commercial goods get entry. In fact these aids and supplies are lifeline for Yemenis who are going through a crisis period and are almost on the verge of starvation.

Although it is not very clear on the exact numbers of monitors that are to be sent but the United Nations has said that these monitors are not armed or uninformed. The Security Council has asked the UN Chief to recommend a large and suitable monitoring team for this matter. Some diplomats have said that Britain has been functioning at a draft resolution for approving the proposal placed by Antonio Guterres. However, this decision has not yet been circulated to the council of members.

In a statement, Guterres mentioned that suitable resources and assets would be required for the safety and security of the UN personnel. It also includes the armored vehicles, the communication infrastructures, medical and aids and aircrafts.

According to Guterres, this monitoring mission would be a contribution in the delicate process of politics that was re-launched by the Martin Griffiths the UN Yemen envoy. He has also sought on the neighboring states of Yemen for assisting the monitors.

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