A campaign of abductions to hide the Houthi division

August 21, 2019

Ibrahim Badr al-Din al-Houthi was killed more than a week ago in circumstances where the Iranian-backed al-Houthi terrorist militias have not disclosed, but have  launchedsince then a large-scale kidnappings of Yemeni civilians,  even women, under the pretext of searching for the murderer.

The Houthi kidnapping campaign continues in Sana’a and Ibb governorate, as well as the districts that are still under the control of terrorist militias in Taiz governorate, and has been further concentrated in the isolation of Haifan Directorate in Taiz Governorate, where the militia accuses one of its citizens of participating in the liquidation of Ibrahim Badr al-Din al-Houthi.

The militia raided several houses in ‘Akaba village in al-Araq village, and kidnapped dozens of civilians, including a number of women, children and old people. Houthi Preventive Security elements continue to raid residents’ homes in the Hadda area of ??Sana’a, terrorizing women and children, abducting dozens of civilians and taking them to unknown locations, and refusing to disclose their fate.

Yemeni activists said that the large-scale kidnapping campaigns carried out by Houthi terrorist militias among civilians seek to cover up the internal conflicts among the militias, and to divert the attention of their bases and supporters from the cracking of the leadership circles and support their ability to protect their symbols amid the spread of mutual betrayals in the senior leadership ranks within the group.

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