A Comprehensive View of Yemen’s Warring Parties’ First Peace Talks Since 2016

December 10, 2018

Yemen’s warring parties finally have had their first peace talk since 2016, to end the scourge. This initiative is indeed a positive step for having peace. The UN-led negotiation took place in the Swedish village on 9th instant with a concrete decision of prisoner swap. Mainly representatives from the Government and Houthi rebels took part in this meeting to have an affirmative conclusion.


An insight and fixity of purpose

This happens to be one of the vital measures for having political truce in the country. Both the parties with this venture want to put an end to their 4-year conflict. However, there are still some of the issues which need extra heed are yet to be discussed between the 2 parties. Read on to get a glimpse:


  • Hodeida, a port city is still held by the Houthis. There will be further talks regarding this town and related truce. If sources to be believed, the government wished a complete withdrawal of Houthis from the city.
  • Furthermore, reopening of Sana’a airport is also on the list for future discussion.

The rebel party didn’t yet opine on these trickier aspects. Hopefully, time will settle every dispute with ultimate peace.

Digger deeper reveals, there had been a loss of almost 10,000 lives in the Yemen war. Undoubtedly, this is a major mark as humanitarian disaster. Thanks to the constant pressure from the Western nations which brought together these 2 parties for implementing their intentions.

Though Hadi’s government initially raised issue saying the Houthis lack senior delegates to conduct the meeting, but it went ahead without any glitch. Moreover, their mediator Martin Griffiths announced the deal of prisoner swap to last until by December 13 2018.


Bottom line

Both the rebels and the government seemed to conclude their meeting on a happy note. They acknowledged the fact that prisnoners’ aspect is indeed a breakthrough to mark a new journey.

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