A Houthi attack on police barracks in Aden : 17 killed

August 1, 2019

Seventeen policemen were killed and others wounded Today in aHouthi attack on  police barracks in southern Yemen near Aden, where a suicide bomber also targeted a security forces command center.

The attack, carried out by the Houthis, targeted the al-Jalaa barracks, 20 kilometers west of Aden, and was carried out by a ballistic missile and aircraft, according to the sources,  it was confirmed  that Brigadier MunirYafi’I was among the victims (dead).

Three policemen were killed and 20 wounded, in the suicide attack on a security force post in Aden.

The car bomb attack occurred at the entrance of the police headquarters in Sheikh Osman district as policemen gathered to greet the flag, security officials said.

Aden is the seat of the internationally recognized government of Yemen, which is fighting a war with the Houthis, who control the capital Sanaa and most of the north of the country.

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