A Houthi militia leader kills two brothers and wounds

January 29, 2020

Local residents said that a leader in the Houthi militia fired two brothers in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and killed them, while their third brother was seriously wounded.

And local news sites reported that the Houthi leader, Ibrahim Al-Zubayri, shot the two brothers, Ibrahim and Rajeh, who were killed instantly, while their third brother was wounded.

The residents explained that the Houthi militia leader, who hails from Harf Sufyan district, in Amran governorate, north of Sanaa, committed the crime because the victims refused to rent him their plots of land.

According to residents, the Zubairian killer not only fired live ammunition at the three brothers, who defended their land; rather, he prevented their rescue and threatened anyone who tried to help them to shoot him.

The photojournalist Nabil Al-Azouri said in a tweet on Twitter, “A Houthi leader from Harf Sufyan in Amran Governorate killed a man, along with his brother, and wounded their third member of the same family.”

Al-Azuri explained that the reason the Houthi leader committed this crime was because of their refusal to lease their floors to him on Al-Nasr Street in Saan. He pointed out that “Ibrahim, his sister’s husband, was killed on his land, and left behind three children.”

The Houthi coup and their control over the state led to the formation of a large financial empire, through which they sought to trade lands and buy them from citizens with imaginary amounts and sometimes by force of arms, taking advantage of the difficult conditions experienced by citizens and salary cuts for the fourth year in a row.

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