A Houthi sniper shot a little girl dead !

October 23, 2019

A sniper bullet snatched 4-year-old chid while playing with other children next to her home in Taiz province, southwest Yemen.

Sources reported that the child, (4 years), was shot dead by a Houthi while playing with other children, in front of her house in the village of Tbaihaa east of Jabal Habashi Directorate west of Taiz province.

This incident comes two years after the displacement of most of the residents of Tabiha and neighboring villages due to the targeting of their homes with artillery shells by the Houthi militias stationed in the area of Hathran.

A human rights organization monitored the killing and wounding of 51 children as a result of the ongoing shelling and sniping of Houthi militias on neighborhoods and residential villages in Taiz city and districts.

According to SAM, 20 children have been killed and 31 injured in the past three months by Houthi militias in Taiz.

the Houthi militias, which have imposed a severe blockade on the city of Taiz for four years, have repeatedly targeted the densely populated neighborhoods in the city, and committed a number of massacres against the families of innocent people, including women and children.

The Center for Human Rights Information and Rehabilitation launched during the recent session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva,in a report entitled “Taiz systematic bombing” where it reviewed the widespread violations by Houthi militias against civilians in Taiz governorate, and criticized the imposition of a siege on the City since 4 years.

The report documented the Houthi militias’ 73 bloody massacres since March 2015, in which 135 people were killed, including 43 children and 17 women. In addition to 278 civilians, including 101 children and 23 women

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