A hundred Houthi violations against the Yemeni army

April 16, 2020

During the past 24 hours the Houthi militia carried out more than 123 attacks on various fronts, despite the commitment of the national army to the ceasefire declared by the Yemeni Legitimacy Support Alliance, unilaterally in response to the United Nations call for implementing a ceasefire between the Yemeni army and the Houthis to avoid the coronavirus spread. According to local news

These attacks varied between firing rockets at civilian homes, army camps, different sites on the front, and reinforcements and movements of their elements to the fronts, in addition to targeting army positions with heavy artillery and machine guns.

Houthi militias also continued to provide new material reinforcements and new members for the Sarwah, Hailan, Al-Jawf, Al-Dhali and Taiz fronts, Yemeni air defenses intercepted a ballistic missile in the sky of Marib, in addition to another one which fell near the army’s positions without making any casualties.

The attaks against army positions have been intensified by the Houthis inLahj governorate, where they shelled with mortars and machineguns, army positions on the Karsh fronts, the HubailHanash al-Maseimir front, and the Tharah front.Al-Dali ‘Governorate was not spared from the attacks of the Houthi militia, as the army positions in Al-Dali’a governorate were subjected to mortar and artillery attacks and gunfire with various weapons, in addition to the attempt by the Houthi militia to attack several locations in the governorate, and continuous reinforcements to their locations in the Maris front, Jabal Han, Asifra front, and several locations in the governorate, Taiz was also subjected to repeated attacks by the Houthi militia, as the militias bombed Djabal Han with mortars and multiple weapons, and another the attempt by the Houthi militia to infiltrate the army positions in the Al-Sayahi front and the Asifra front, with intense gunfire at the same locations.

Houthi militias intensified their attacks on army positions in the Bani Hassan, Haradh and Triangle Ahm frontsin Hajjah governorate. The attacks varied between artillery shelling and medium-weapons fire and movements of militia reinforcements were also monitored in those areas.

The Houthi militia has bombed army sites, in different areas in Al-Jadafar and Al-Ashsha, and the Taibah Al-Asma and Al-Dhahra camp, as well as sites of West Al-Muhashima and Al-Yatma, in Al-Jawf Governorate, in addition to sending drones.

On the Naham front, the army sites were subjected to repeated attacks, as the Houthi militia bombed army positions in the front with mortars, and Katyusha rockets, the militias tried to infiltrate into positions in the same front, which was at the end a failed attempt.

In Al-Bayda governorate, army sites were attacked by Houthi militias in the Qaniya front east of Al-Bayda, where several shells shelled army positions in the front, the same waythe Fadhah front’s army positions have been bombed

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