A large houthis attack thwarted on the directorate of Hays

November 26, 2019

Yemeni forces thwarted a large-scale offensive by the Houthi coup militia against Hays district, south of Hodeida province, west of Yemen, on Sunday. The armed groups belonging to the militia, loyal to Iran, attacked the joint sites northwest of the Directorate, using heavy and medium weapons and artillery shells, said the military media of the joint forces. the joint forces engaged for hours with militia elements of various types of weapons, and were able to respond to the Houthi attack. The militia suffered heavy losses in the equipment and lives, where a number of militiamen were killed and others were injured, while the rest of the elements escaped, according to a military media statement.

The attack by the Houthi militia on the Directorate of Hays, hours after the launch of missiles and drones on the city of Mokha destroyed by defenses of the Coalition to support legitimacy in the sky of the city.
In the same context, Houthi militias targeted joint forces positions in the mountainous area of ??the Directorate of Tahita south of Hodeidah with various weapons and artillery shells.
A military source in the field reported that the militias targeted the positions of joint forces in the region with heavy mortar shells 120 caliber at different times, on Sunday.
This great Houthi escalation confirms the lack of seriousness of the militia in the commitment to the UN peace process and its attempt to torpedo the Swedish agreement, including a cease-fire in the west coast of Yemen. Those are ongoing violations on which the United Nations is silent about said the military media of the joint forces.
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