A Qatari Trojan horse to hit liberated Yemen

July 13, 2019

The successful security operation, which resulted in the seizure of Qatari weapons in the home of a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Yemeni province of Aden, revealed the efforts of the small Gulf state to strike stability in the liberated Yemeni cities through its brotherly arm, which is used as a Trojan horse in a number of Arab countries.


Aden police found weapons and ammunition bearing the emblems of the State of Qatar in one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s premises in the Directorate of Mualla in Aden province.


A security source said that the anti-terrorism team raided the home of the Brotherhood member RamizAl-Kamrani and found inside a sniper rifle and a quantity of Kalashnikov, ammunition and detonators, explosive devices and explosive belts.


The types of weapons indicate the nature of the mission assigned to the Brotherhood, according to security expert Ahmed al-Shihri.


“These weapons are not a supply of an organized force, but are militia weapons designed to carry out specific targeting operations such as the assassination of officials or acts of sabotage, such as bombings in government or civilian communities,”.


Al-Shihri said that the aim is to strike the security and stability in the city, which is a symbol of Yemeni legitimacy, in order to mix the papers to allow the organization of the Brotherhood to expand its influence.


The process of controlling the Qatari arms comes after several calls from security officials to the need to face the smuggling of national arms in Yemen.


Last October, Yemeni Interior Minister Hussein Arab confirmed Qatar’s role in supporting the coup militias and terrorist organizations in his country, amid reports of an alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda under the auspices of Doha.


Yemeni security sources reported that a tripartite alliance comprising the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and its third pillar supported the country, and decided to carry out attacks against the security forces.


The sources confirmed that the security services monitored meetings in Shabwa and Abyan of the leaders of the brothers and other members of the al-Qaeda, in order to coordinate their work under the guidance of  Qatar against government forces.

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