A Saudi mission in Yemen to path the peace talks with the Houthis

April 18, 2020

Saudi Arabia has resumed indirect talks with the Yemeni Houthi group to reinforce a stalled ceasefire, while the United Nations is seeking to stop the escalation to face the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The Houthi militia allied with Iran have yet to agree to the truce announced few days ago by the Arab coalition in purpose of facing the new Corona virus epidemic, However, the violence continued on a number of fronts.The ceasefire was supposed to take effect on Thursday, one day before Yemen recorded the first infection with the virus.

Aid groups warned about the situation in yemen ,Given the deteriorating health system and widespread hunger and disease after five years of war that have killed more than 100,000 people, Aid groups say the outbreak of the Corona virus will be disastrous.Saudi and Houthi officials continued at the weekend, as Riyadh sought to reach an understanding on a binding truce.Two sources said.”Saudi Arabia is very serious about ending the war, but it will depend on how far it can go to satisfy the Houthis and build some confidence,” one of the sources said.

These efforts were renewed as the Houthis continued their attacks on different areas of Yemen and their violations in the areas under their control, despite the ceasefire, while the Arab coalition forces continued to counter the Houthi attempts to advance in Al-Jawf in northern Yemen and towards the city of Marib, which is the last stronghold of the Saudi-backed government in central Yemen.Local officials said.

The Houthi attacks could complicate UN efforts to conduct talks to agree on a mechanism for a permanent armistice, coordinated efforts to combat the Coronavirus and confidence-building measures aimed at resuming stalled peace negotiations.Yemen, has announced last Friday the first infection with the new Corona virus, the disease now is an inevitable threat that will add to the humanitarian crisis if the epidemic breaks out among Yemenis in light of the fragility of the health sector in a country that has been experiencing a devastating war for years.

For the sixth year, Yemen is witnessing a fierce conflict that has created one of the worst crises in the world, with 80 percent of the population in need of humanitarian aid and the conflict pushing millions to the brink of starvation.

Since March 2015, an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has carried out military operations in Yemen in support of government forces, in the face of Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias who have controlled provinces including the capital, Sanaa, since 2014.On Wednesday, the coalition decided to hold a unilateral ceasefire from Thursday for a period of two weeks, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The coalition decision was welcomed internationally, amid fears of an escalation of Houthi violations and the deepening of the human tragedy in light of the spread of the virus around the world. As feared, the escalation happened and the Houthis violated the truce since its beginning, in the last 24h the militias’ violations reached 114 in Al-Hodeidah alone, according to the coalition forces’ media center.
The Houthis are using the world crisis to get the areas they want and to pressure the legitimate government to bow and accept all their demands, as their goal is to occupy all the country and take full control despite not being recognized internationally

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