A weapons store exploded, killing dozens of Houthis in Durhami in western Yemen

May 8, 2019

Dozens of Houthis were killed and wounded in the southern province of Hodeidah, west of Yemen. A spokesman for the West Coast Operations, Wadah al-Dabeesh, said in a press statement that Al-Ayn Al-Akhbar had received a report from the Joint Forces units stationed in Durhami about
violent and successive explosions that rocked a secret storage depot under the control of Al-Houthi militia.

According to the statement, there were many dead and wounded in the ranks of the Houthi. Al-Dhibish expressed his grave concern that dozens of families
were affected. The Houthis hindered their evacuation by the Arab Coalition and used them as human shields. He pointed out that the escalating flames spread in a number of houses adjacent to the explosion site.

He pointed out that the explosion hit a warehouse where the Houthis store the heads of missiles, weapons, and ammunition, they use to supply their fighters.

The Houthis made of the city of DURHAMI  their zone of manufacturing of mines and improvised explosive devices developed by Tehran system experts.
A few weeks ago, a similar explosion rocked the areas causing heavy material damage to the Houthis.

Al-Houthi militia also deprived al-Durhami of a relief convoy run by the UAE Red Crescent for the remaining civilians stranded in the area and threatened residents who would come out to receive aid.

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