After Being a Captive for 32 Years, British Woman Flees Yemen

December 26, 2018

Current news reports state that Safiah Saleh who was kidnapped by her father when she was 18 months old recently fled the war clad Yemen. She was taken along with her 4 sisters by her father to Yemen in the year 1986.

Prior to her escape, Safiah with her 4 children was residing in the port city of Hodeidah. Now, Hodeidah being the main source of assault by the Houthi backed rebels and Arab coalition is currently under turmoil. Being stuck in the crossfire of severe bombing Safiah struggled to keep herself alive.

However, on the other side of the planet, Safiah’s mother, Jackie Saleh did not stop either. In all the years to come she raised a campaign to collect money for her daughter’s safe journey back home. Recently she managed to gather a huge sum of £7,000 from the campaign which helped her get her daughter back home to safety.

According to the comments by a Welsh assembly member for South Wales Central, Neil McEvoy the daughter and the mother were finally united in Egypt. Being an avid supporter of the campaign he thanked everyone who contributed money to make this much anticipated reunion occur.

Now that Jackie and Safiah are united on Christmas eve, he said the next step was to get the passport. It was truly endearing to witness the reunion as both the parties were unsure if they would manage the task of getting Safiah out of Yemen safely.

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