Aid Convoy Dispatched Towards Hadremaut, Yemen by the UAE

April 12, 2019

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), which is the humanitarian arm of the UAE has sent an aid convoy carrying over 221 tonnes of foodstuffs that is needed for the relief of residents of Daw’an district and also in a number of isolated areas in Hadramaut, Yemen.

The gesture forms a part of the UAE’s ongoing attempts to boost the living conditions of brotherly Yemeni people and in accordance with the decree of the wise leadership in the ‘Year of Tolerance’ 2019.

The ERC teams dispensed 2,740 food baskets aiming towards 13,700 needy and underprivileged families in different areas in Daw’an district.

The recipients of the food baskets expressed their gratitude to the UAE and the ERC for taking out food and humanitarian convoys in various fields.

Since the start of the Year of Tolerance, the ERC dispensed 12,407 food baskets in Hadramaut targeting 62,035 affected families in the Yemeni governorate.

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