Al Hodeida : A failed Houthi suicide attack

March 21, 2020

Violent confrontations took place in the Hays front, south of Al Hudaydah governorate, west of Yemen, Wednesday during which the Houthi militias incurred new losses at the hands of the joint forces, which responded to an attack on their positions, a day after thwarting escalations and attacks in Al-Drahamy, Al-Najah and Al-Tahita

The joint forces military media stated that a suicide attack by the Houthi militia in the Hayes district had been countered, “as a result of which the militias incurred heavy losses in equipment and lives.

It added that the combined forces artillery destroyed the Houthi elements that launched the attack, “with direct strikes, causing 15 Houthis dead and wounded,” while the rest escaped.

The Houthi militias targeted the industrial and commercial Thabit Brotherhood with three artillery shells, in violation of the Hodeidah agreement.

The Houthi militias have stepped up their daily violations and shelling towards residential neighborhoods in the city of Hays, south of Al Hudaydah, and intensified the launch of drones

For its part, the joint forces in Al-Drahihi managed to shoot down two Houthi planes in the last hours

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